Family Stations

Family Stations  (Website) is a worldwide Bible Based Christian Ministry, and operates about 63 radio stations (12 AM/ 51 FM) and 91 FM translators.  Family Stations is located in Oakland, California, a few blocks from the Oakland Airport.  (Family Stations should not to be confused Family Radio, a smaller organization in Pennsylvania)


Family Stations, Inc began in 1958 in San Francisco on station KEAR-AM.  In addition to terrestrial AM/FM radio, Family Stations also broadcasts on Satellite and shortwave, as well as the Internet.   They also operate a TV station in New Jersey.  Family Stations, Inc was registered with the California Secretary of State in 1958.

Family Stations was founded by Harold Camping, who works without salary or compensation (according to the web site).  Among Mr Camping’s accomplishments was calculating that Jesus was probably going to return in 1994, based on his study of numerology.

Family Stations started acquiring FM licenses before most commercial entities were interested, so Family Stations owns several very valuable licenses in the commercial part of the FM band in major markets, should the ministry ever wish to sell them.

Major Stations – top 25 markets

  • New York, NY – WFME (94.7 Mhz) *
  • Los Angeles – KFRN-AM
  • San Francisco -KEAR-AM
  • Philadelphia -WKDN-FM (106.9 Mhz) *
  • Houston – KTXB-FM
  • Washington, DC -WFSI-FM (107.9 Mhz) *
  • Phoenix, AZ  – KPHF-FM
  • San Diego, CA – KECR-AM
  • Long Island, NY – WFRS-FM
  • Tampa/St Pete, FL – WFTI-FM
  • Baltimore, MD – WBGR-AM, WBMD-AM


Family stations is a non-profit corporation.  It has directors, but no “owners”.


The web site offers several ways to donate, but offers no information about how the money will be used.  Family Stations is not a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.  Caveat Emptor.

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