Alt/Confer Trusts

Donald Alt and Kerby Confer hold a number of radio stations through ownership in a variety of trusts and holding companies.   It isn’t easy to describe all the relationships, so this describes the information in the FCC Filings

Donald Alt is an accountant who formerly worked for KPMG until 1973, then Starr Broadcast group until 1979.     In 1996, he became chairman of Forever Broadcasting.  Mr Alt is also a Director of Saga Communications.

Kerby Confer was the head of the Radio Division of Sinclair Broadcasting until 1999, when Sinclair’s radio stations were sold to Entercom.

Forever of PA  owns 3 stations in Western Pennsylvania
Forever Broadcasting, LLC owns 24 stations in Pennsylvania
Megahertz Licenses owns 3 stations in Pennsylvania
Forever Communications, Inc owns 8 stations in Kentucky (and is part owner 2 stations owned by Daily News Broadcasting of Bowling Green, KY)
Forever South Licenses, LLC owns 10 stations in Tennessee and Kentucky
Keymarket Licenses owns 14 stations in the Pittsburgh, PA area
Burbach of DE, LLC owns 11 stations in West Virginia


Forever Broadcasting was formed in 1997 merging the interests of Carol O’Leary, Donald Alt, Kerby Confer and Lynn Deppen, consisting of 9 stations in Pennsylvania and 1 in South Dakota.  The Bank of Montreal provided the funding.   By 2005, the group owned 29 stations, all in small markets in Central and Western Pennsylvania, which is economically depressed.

In 2007, Clear Channel sold some of their small market stations to these radio groups.

Major Stations – top 25 markets

While many of the stations are in the general area of Pittsburgh, none of them are actually in Pittsburgh.


Most of the ownership of are Mr Alt and Mr Confer. Each of the station groups has other owners with various ownership percentages.


Not publicly available.

Financial Condition

These groups of stations are held by private companies, so no public financial information is available.

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