Bott Radio Network

Bott Broadcasting  (Website) is a FOR PROFIT religious broadcaster.  Bott (and its affiliates) own about 37 radio stations and 47 FM Translators.  Bott Broadcasting is located in Overland Park, Kansas.  Most of the station licenses are held inside Community Broadcasters, Inc, a non-profit corporation which is permitted to own FCC licenses set aside for religious non-profit broadcasters.   Unlike many other Christian broadcasters, Bott focuses mostly on spoken word teaching, rather than music.


Dick Bott founded Bott Radio Network along with his son Rich.   Dick Bott’s radio career began in San Francisco, after he married the daughter of the station’s owner and began doing radio sales.   They sold their house and borrowed $250,000 to buy their first station in Monterey California.  Being very good at sales, the station’s mortgage was paid off in 3 1/2 years.  They were approached and sold the station for $350,000 and took some time off to think about their future and enjoy time with their family.

After about a year, an opportunity came up to buy a station in the Kansas City area from an estate sale.   The Bott family left California behind and headed for Kansas.  In November 1962, KCCV-AM switched from being a Country/Western music station to Christian teaching, and the Bible believing, Christian teaching Bott Radio Network was launched.

In the years that followed, the Bott Family continued to acquire radio stations and build FM Translators, mostly in the great plains area of Middle America.

Since Bott is not a charity, they do not solicit for money.   The company sells sponsorships to businesses, and is paid by the producers of the shows aired on their network (the shows are run by non-profits and do solicit for donations).    They’re walking a very fine line between for-profit and non-profit.

Bott does not appear to produce any of its own programming.  From prior research, the ministers on some of the shows have been dead for quite some time, which raises the question of who is getting the money when it is sent in to the organizations that own the rights to those sermons.  If you know, let me know.

My father always marveled at how Katheryn Kuhlman continued to preach and raise money long after she died in 1976.    Mother Angelica keeps spreading the love of Jesus on EWTN, even though she became unable to perform her TV duties following a stroke in 2001 and lost her ability to speak.

Stations owned

For a look at the stations owned  or controlled by the Bott Radio network, follow this link.   The stations licensed to Community Broadcasting are the Non-Commercial stations.


Dick Bott and his wife are the owners of the Bott Broadcasting company.  A few of the stations are held in other corporations that have minority ownership interests.


Because Bott is not a charity and does no fund-rasing, there is nothing to research about how they spend donations, because there are none.   Since they are privately held by the family, there is no public information about the company’s profiability or finances, although their growth would suggest the company is healthy financially.

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