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Hello, you can call me Fred. :)

I’m the person who created FindAnISP.com back in the days when dialup internet access was the big next “thing”.  When interest in dialup intenet access started to “slow” around 2002, I moved my energies to StreamingRadioGuide.

I’ve never worked in radio, have no financial interest in its future one way or the other.  I’ve owned cars where the FM button presets were never set to any station.  I’m an AM talk radio addict.  There, I said it.

If you have an issue with material on the web site or need to privately tell me something, the email address  is

You won’t be able to copy/paste that address – spam bots are still too lazy to decode graphics.  If your message is important enough to send, it is important enough to type the time to type the address.

Please – unless it is an ABSOLUTE emergency – (like the web site is spewing out a virus), do not attempt to track down my phone number and call me at home.  I frequently sleep during the day – and one phone call during the day can disrupt my activites for days.   I prefer to leave the phone ringer on in case there really IS an emergency.

You can use the same address in Google Talk, and it should work in other IM programs that work with Google Talk if you want to chat.  Just know you might have a hard time getting me to stop talking :)

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  1. Mary Jo says:

    Do you carry Glenn Beck or know where I can listen to him in addition to tv? What a guy!

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