NorthEast Public Radio

NorthEast Public Radio   (Website) is a non-commercial educational broadcaster that operates 2 AM and 8 FM radio stations, and 11 FM translators throughout New England.   The organization’s flagship station is WAMC located in Albany, New York.   The station primary carries programming from NPR, and is heard throughout NorthEastern New York State, and in small parts of Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and New Jersey.


The origins of NorthEast Public Radio go back to 1981, when the New York State Board of Regents granted a provisional charter for its founding.

Alan Chartock is the controversial President and CEO of WAMC/NEPR, and frequently appears on the air.   Since the radio station is a 501(c)(3) charity, IRS rules prohibit using the charity for partisan political causes (just as the NRA and Jerry Falwell couldn’t endorse a candidate, just talk about issues).

Mr. Chartock routinely flaunts that rule, however the FCC is not in charge of enforcing IRS regulations, and the station is well connected politically – 9 term “Progressive Democratic” US Congressman Maurice Hinchey sits on the WAMC Board of Directors as well as the US House Appropriations Committee.

Here is a sample of one of his interviews.

At around 26:00, he becomes partisan, and slyly suggests that Republicans who opposed stem cell research deserve to be dead.   To his credit, the guest takes none of his bait, and slaps around Mr Chartock for being naive.

Major Stations – top 25 markets

None of the stations are located in a major market.   The station’s signals do not reach far enough south to compete against New York City public radio stations.


According to the FCC filings, the organization has 23 officers and trustees:

  • Alan Chartock, President & CEO
  • John Dunne, an insurance lawyer based in Albany, former NY State Senator (R)
  • Robert Norris, a philanthropist and former teacher at Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School
  • Judy Grunberg, operator of the Blue Plate Restaurant in Chatham, NY
  • Jeanne Hunter, identified as Retired
  • Anne Erickson, President and CEO of the Empire Justice Center in Albany, a public interest law firm working to achieve social and economic justice for people
  • Tom Lewis,  and English professor at Skidmore College
  • Joseph Browdy, a real estate lawyer
  • Will Little, Chairman of George Little Management, which produces consumer trade shows, and operates several weekly newspapers in Connecticut
  • Sven Huseby, a retired educator and environmental activist
  • Gerald Benjamin, SUNY professor of political science
  • Mary Ballou, administrative assistant at TV CBS6 in Albany
  • Ira Fusfeld, publisher of the Kingston (NY) Daily Freeman
  • Dottie Reynolds, ChairPerson of the Fine Arts Department of Hudson Valley Community College
  • Dan Bazile, TV Reporter at Abany’s Channel 13 (WNYT)
  • John LaVelle Former Democratic Party leader and State Assemblyman from Staten Island (He died in 2007 – someone should tell WAMC)
  • U.S. Congressman Maurice D. Hinchey
  • Carmi Rapport, a real estate lawyer in the Hudson Valley
  • Roger Phillips, an artist from New York who makes mostly outdoor pieces made from painted metal
  • Janet Alexrod,  former HR Director of Lotus Development and attorney for the NEA in Albany
  • Hedi McKinley, a social worker in Albany
  • David A. Galletly, V.P. of WAMC
  • Selma Kaplan, VP of Administration and Development


According to WAMC’s 2008 IRS tax return, WAMC raised about $6 million from the public, and $1 from government funding.    Approximately $1 million was spent on salaries of the people employed in fundraising, one of whom earned approximately $194,000.

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