Guiding Principles

Visitors  to this site frequently are confused by why this site exists and why things are the way they are.   The purpose of this page is to anticipate common questions and help people to understand the purpose of this web site and be helpful to its goals.

The purpose of this web site is to:

Help visitors find the radio shows or stations they are looking for.

About 99% of people arrive here from using a search engine looking for a specific host or a type of music.    To give you an idea what this means:

  • About 80% of the people looking for a talk show are looking for a Conservative show like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh.   Only about 2.5% of visitors are looking for a Progressive talk show
  • People do not search for a local talk show, unless it is the host googling their own name, or maybe a few really popular shows in major markets like New York, Chicago or L.A.
  • People do not search for religious programming
  • People do not search for herbal cure infomercials

The scope of this web site is:  FCC Licensed radio stations that stream. The directory does not list internet-only “radio stations”, nor is it trying to be a global directory every station in the world.    Including Low Power FM, there are about 15,000 radio stations in the United States, of which about half currently stream.    That’s a huge task to keep reasonably current.   So if you plan to write to ask “Will you consider listing  my great internet radio station”, my answer will be “Tell me your FCC call sign”.   If you don’t have one, the answer is “No”.

There is no hidden profit motive.   If you interrogate me about “How do you make money?” – projecting your own set of motivations, the answer is that “you’ve missed the point”.    The transition from radio to internet streaming is a critical time in this country, made more so by the political and economic change that started in 2008.   This is about helping people who are used to listening to radio stay in touch with what’s going on, not making money. pays for the server – other than my time, that’s the only expense of the web site.

On the internet, you can’t force people to listen to things they don’t want to hear, or even sample them.    If you’re an up and coming local radio star, having a listing of your program here is going to do nothing to help your career.    You can’t push a string – people don’t randomly browse listings looking for some local guy in Arkansas talking about the last city council meeting.   Once you have an audience and a reputation, the listing will take care of itself.

Because this site has no revenue stream, there is no paid staff, and limited resources.   Adding data for programs that people are not searching for just dilutes the efforts to maintain what people want to find.   Setting priorities is important when you have limited resources (as the Health Care Czar will figure this out soon enough).  It is not possible to list every program on every station, and that is NOT how success is measured.

While the owner of the site does have definite political leanings (just read my blogs), the purpose of the web site is not to “lock out” opposing points of view (with the possible exception of the BBC :)) – but effort to maintain listings is proportional to the number of people looking for that program, or the volunteers who want to spend the time to maintain them

This web site is not a Democracy – while I value the effort of the volunteers and do listen to your feedback, the site needs to be focused on its goal.  It isn’t a platform for promoting the radio business in general, a particular radio station or specific political or activists groups.    If I decide it is necessary to edit something you write or remove something you added, please accept my action or stop helping.   I’ll be glad to explain why, but arguing with me about an editorial decision beyond that point  distracts from the purpose and is just plain annoying after a couple times.   If you then use the freedom of the web site to plaster saracastic remarks about what an awful person I am or try to prove that I’m “wrong” about your “point”, you’ll lose that freedom.

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