Commercial Radio Owners

Information contained in these pages describing the country’s largest Radio owners, some of which are publicly traded –  is NOT investment advice

Financial information are only selected data taken from official SEC 10-K filings (where available), and are not intended to give a complete picture of the financial condition and operations of any company.

The intent is only to provide general background information about each company and its operations for people in the general public interested in the radio business.   Company names are informal names used to identify a company or series of companies, not the full legal name of the company.

The financing and accounting for radio station owners is a very complex matter best explained by a Certified Public Accountant if you intend to become an investor in one of the companies.

No recommendation is being made regarding any security, nor should any be inferred by any statements on these pages.

Commercial Radio Operators
as of December 3, 2009
(Total # licenses = 14,400)

Owner #Licenses
Clear Channel 853
Aloha Station Trust (Divested CC Stations) 41
GAP Broadcasting  (Former CC Stations) 115
Cumulus 300
Citadel 237
CBS Radio 128
Entercom 109
Cox Radio 85
Saga Radio 82
Cherry Creek 68
Regent Communications 60
Univision (Spanish) 67
Radio One 51
Nassau 51
Three Eagles 51
Entravision (Spanish) 48
BiCoastal 49
NRG Media 42
Salem Broadcasting 92
Beasley Broadcasting 43
Midwest Communicaations 36
Disney 38
Forever 37
NextMedia 36
New Northwest 31
Journal Broadcasting 33
Morris Communications 34
6 Johnson Road (Pamal) 34
Mapleton 40
Monterey 33
Backyward 30
Bonneville 29
Emmis 22
American General 22
Spanish Broadcasting System ?

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