Non-Commercial Owners

Non-Commercial and Educational (NCE)
Radio Station Owners

Non-Profit licensees are not traded on stock markets, so their finances are harder to find. Many in this list benefitted from a poorly planned FCC  auction of new low power FM translator licenses that started in 2003.

Unlike commercial stations, NCEs are not generally required to maintain an office and a physical presence in the community they serve (other than the transmitter). The FCC has also permitted NCEs to broadcast programming 24/hrs a day from a satellite feed, with no local programming. So even though the stations are full licenses, many of them function essentially as translators of satellite feeds. (Actual FM translators are not included in the license counts)

In general, these counts are of the programming carried, not a statement of the legal ownership.

Organization Name


Educational Media Foundation 263 339 
American Family Association 147 51 
Family Stations 65 91 
Bible Broadcasting Network 35 88 
Calvery Chapel (Twin Falls) 27 424 
Horizon Christian Fellowship 10 265 
Edgewater Broadcasters 104 
Minnesota Public Radio 38 41 
Moody Bible 35 19 
Family Worship Center 27 54
Radio Training Network 15 61 
Way-FM 15 56 
Family Life Ministries 34 56 
Positive Alternative Radio 22 47 
Community Broadcasting 20 46 
Educational Communications of Colorado 16 41 
Family Life Broadcasting (“Radio”) 19 19 
Family Life Ministries (NY/PA) 14 56 
Family Radio (WI, MN) 6
Radio Assist Ministry 4 124 

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