6 Johnson Road (Pamal)

Pamal Broadcasting  (Website) operates 12 AM and 22 FM radio stations located in New England and Florida.   Pamal is the parent company of 6 Johnson Road,


CEO James Morrell started the company as Albany Broadcasting in 1986.  Albany Broadcasting was located at 6 Johnson Road in Lathan, NY. and that is still the location of Pamal Broadcasting.  The company was changed to Pamal in 1997.

Major Stations – top 25 markets

Pamal owns one AM/FM Combo in the Hudson Valley on the fringes of New York City, but other than that has no involvement in major markets.


The company is owned by a corporation, and the FCC reports do not disclose the ownership percentages.


James Morrell.

Financial Condition

Since the company is privately held, there is no publicly available financial information.

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