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Betting on the future

This is a followup to the “Why Talk is Moving to FM” post about a week ago. I’m actually going to encourage you right wing nuts (and you know who you are!) to read the Huffington Post, specifically HERE.  Tamara … Continue reading

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Zune HD – the savior of radio?

Microsoft’s answer to the iPod is out in a few weeks, and the NAB is crowing about its success in getting Microsoft to include an HD radio receiver in the device.   The Zune HD will sell for about $289 and … Continue reading

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Caroline Beasley misled Congress

“Good morning Chairman Boucher, Ranking Member Stearns and Subcommittee members, my name is Caroline Beasley. I am the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Beasley Broadcast Group, a family-owned company, which owns and operates 44 radio stations … Continue reading

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Radio Owner Profile – NRG Media

What do you get when you combine ag reports on the price of Pork Bellies, a South Dakota radio station owner who just would like to retire and get out of the business, the money man behind My Big Fat … Continue reading

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“Performance Tax” vs “Must Carry”

You’ve probably heard radio ads recently from the NAB encouraging you to “Call your Congressmen” to complain about radio stations having to pay a new “tax” that Congress is currently considering.   Everyone hates taxes, especially if it is big radio … Continue reading

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Saving “Black Radio”

Most people outside of the “Black Community” – even people in the Radio Biz, are oblivious to the “Black Radio” business.  Black Radio stations make no effort at diversity (reaching out beyond their own community) and typically have signals that don’t … Continue reading

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