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WYVC FM     FM 102.3Vewy QuietCamdenAL6,000 (A)
W247AT (S)    FX 97.3Contemporary Christian Music blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 11/1/2016
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HarvestAL10 (D)
K244AH (S)    FX 96.7Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
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UkiahCA10 (D)
K298CP (S)    
Formerly K244AH
FX 107.5Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
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UkiahCA10 (D)
K278AY (S)    FX 103.5No Web SiteDel NorteCO10 (D)
W292GE (S)    
Formerly W284CT
FX 106.3Spanish News/Talk blueAdd Favorite 
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MiamiFL70 (D)
W291CF (S)    FX 106.1Conservative Talk blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 07/11/2017
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WGNX FM (S)    FM 96.7Cornerstone blueAdd Favorite Setup
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ColchesterIL1,800 (A)
WDUK FM     FM 99.3Vewy QuietHavanaIL3,000 (A)
WIBV FM     FM 102.1Vewy QuietMount VernonIL10,500 (B1)
W282CH (S)    
Formerly W300CF
FX 104.3Oldies blueAdd Favorite 
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Fort WayneIN250 (D)
Indiana's Best Radio
FM 103.7Local CountryRoyal CenterIN6,000 (A)
W248AP (S)    FX 97.5Contemporary Christian Music blueAdd Favorite Setup
Tested 01/4/2017
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ValparaisoIN250 (D)
WANY FM     FM 100.9Vewy QuietAlbanyKY6,000 (A)
River Country
FM 102.7H20 CountryMarionKY6,000 (A)
W251CQ     FX 98.1FM TranslatorGardnerMA250 (D)
W260BH (S)    FX 99.9PentacostalAlbionMI39 (D)
WSMK Radio
FM 99.1Urban Contemporary blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/24/2011
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BuchananMI6,000 (A)
WBNZ FM     FM 92.3No Web SiteFrankfortMI50,000 (C2)
WRPP FM (S)    FM 92.7Classic Rock SetupManistiqueMI51,000 (C1)
Classic hit country
FM 105.5Classic CountryWest BranchMI6,000 (A)
K232GA (S)    FX 94.3Album Rock blueAdd Favorite 
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Sauk RapidsMN250 (D)
W266DT (S)    FX 101.1Nostalgia / Standards blueAdd Favorite 
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Sauk RapidsMN250 (D)
W278DC (S)    
Formerly W275CY
FX 102.9Gospel blue mp3Add Favorite 
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WarrentonNC250 (D)
K240BL (S)    FX 95.9Conservative Talk blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 02/7/2017
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AlbuquerqueNM250 (D)
K252FS (S)    FX 98.3No Web SiteMilanNM50 (D)
K271DC (S)    
Formerly K252FS
FX 102.1No Web SiteMoriartyNM50 (D)
KJJJ FM/HD (F)    
I Love My Country
FM 102.3Nash Country blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 08/27/2013
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LaughlinNV17,000 (C1)
W277AO (S)    FX 103.3Catholic English blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 07/17/2014
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EnonOH158 (D)
Hits Now!
FM 100.1Contemporary Hits
Sports only
PiketonOH6,000 (A)
W295BU (S)    FX 106.9Spanish News/Talk blueAdd Favorite 
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MayaguezPR250 (D)
WJSQ FM (F)    FM 101.7Country Variety blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/7/2016
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AthensTN7,500 (C3)
W236DC (S)    
Formerly W235AZ
FX 95.1Country Variety blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/7/2016
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AthensTN170 (D)
WMXX FM (F)    
Kool 103
FM 103.1Classic HitsJacksonTN42,000 (C2)
W229DH (S)    FX 93.7Folk / Bluegrass / BalladsJohnson CityTN250 (D)
WORM FM     FM 101.7Vewy QuietSavannahTN3,000 (A)
WXOQ FM     FM 105.5Vewy QuietSelmerTN6,000 (A)
W285FW (S)    FX 104.9Classic CountrySouth PittsburgTN180 (D)
K280GR (S)    FX 103.9Local Full Service blueAdd Favorite 
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BoerneTX180 (D)
K240FE (S)    FX 95.9Local Sports Talk blueAdd Favorite 
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Corpus ChristiTX140 (D)
K241AT (S)    
Formerly K240FE
FX 96.1Local Sports Talk blueAdd Favorite 
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Flour BluffTX130 (D)
K290CV (S)    
Formerly K289BU
FX 105.9Life ChangingWacoTX250 (D)
The Lodge
FM 106.9Classic Rock blueAdd Favorite  Setup
Tested 06/3/2013
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Baileys HarborWI6,000 (A)
WCFW FM (F)    
Where FM Means Fine Music
FM 105.7Your Soft FavoritesChippewa FallsWI25,000 (C3)
Pure Country
FM 99.9Country Variety blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/3/2016
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JanesvilleWI11,000 (B1)

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