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Radio Stations Licensed to BLUEBERRY BROADCASTING, LLC
Blueberry stations

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WVQM FM (S)    
WVOM SImulcast
FM 101.3Conservative TalkAugustaME41,000 (B)
WTOS AM (S)    
Formerly WABK
AM 910Album RockBangorME5,000 (B)
WBFB FM (F)    FM 97.1New CountryBangorME6,500 (B)
W287DM (S)    FX 105.3Album RockBangorME250 (D)
WBFE FM (S)    FM 99.1New CountryBar HarborME45,000 (B)
WBKA FM (S)    FM 107.7Classic HitsBar HarborME11,500 (B1)
WBAK FM    FM 104.7Classic HitsBelfastME10,000 (B)
WQSS FM (S)    FM 102.5Variety HitsCamdenME21,000 (B)
WKSQ FM    FM 94.5Variety HitsEllsworthME11,500 (B)
WABK FM    FM 104.3Classic HitsGardinerME50,000 (B)
WTUX FM (S)    
WTOS SImulcast
FM 101.1Album RockGOULDSBOROME17,000 (B1)
WVOM FM    FM 103.9Conservative TalkHowlandME90,000 (C)
WQSK FM (S)    FM 97.5Variety HitsMadisonME6,000 (A)
WVOM AM (S)    AM 1450Conservative TalkRocklandME1,000 (C)
WMCM FM (S)    FM 103.3New CountryRocklandME21,000 (B)
W236DO (S)    FX 95.1Conservative TalkRocklandME250 (D)
Pure Rock
FM 105.1Album RockSkowheganME57,000 (C)

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