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Radio Stations Licensed to COCHISE BROADCASTING LLC
Cochise Media stations

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KCUZ AM     
Not currently on FCC Silent list
AM 1490Vewy QuietCliftonAZ1,000 (C)
KZXK FM     FM 98.9Vewy QuietDONEY PARKAZ560 (C2)
K276GI (S)    FX 103.1OldiesHuachuca CityAZ1 (D)
K250AN (S)    FX 97.9OldiesOracleAZ5 (D)
KNXN AM     
KGMS SImulcast
AM 1470No Web SiteSierra VistaAZ2,500 (D)
K233DG (S)    FX 94.5OldiesSierra VistaAZ250 (D)
K245DF (S)    
Formerly K298BZ
FX 96.9No Web SiteSierra VistaAZ50 (D)
K256CJ (S)    FX 99.1Religious Ministry blueAdd Favorite 
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Sierra VistaAZ50 (D)
Classic Rock Experience
FM 99.1Classic RockThatcherAZ6,200 (C1)
KXZK FM     FM 103.7SilentVailAZ790 (A)
KZXQ FM     FM 104.5Vewy QuietReserveNM100 (A)
KWYX FM    FM 93.5Vewy QuietCasperWY3,800 (C1)
KGRK FM     FM 98.5Vewy QuietGlenrockWY3,500 (C1)
KXJW FM     FM 101.9No Web SiteNorth Rock SpringsWY500 (A)
KWXR FM     FM 98.7Vewy QuietRelianceWY250 (A)

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