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Streaming Radio Guide
Radio Stations Licensed to FOREVER SOUTH LICENSES, LLC
Forever Radio stations

Include: AM FM Only Streaming Stations Low Power FM FM Translators
Station (S) = Simulcast WebsiteCityStateFrequencyFormatListen  
* = Registration required
WWGY FM (F)   
Radio NWTN
FultonKYFM 99.3Country blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/14/2011
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3,000 (A)
WTJF FM (S)   DyerTNFM 94.3Local Full Service blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 01/17/2017
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6,000 (A)
W231BU (S)   EAST UNIONTNFX 94.1Conservative Talk blueAdd Favorite 
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250 (D)
WHNY FM    HenryTNFM 104.7New / Updated License2,900 (A)
WHDM AM (F)   
Radio NWTN
McKenzieTNAM 1440Oldies blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 08/1/2011
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420 (D)
W255BF (S)   McKenzieTNFX 98.9Oldies blueAdd Favorite 
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250 (D)
Radio NWTN
MCKINNONTNFM 101.7Classic Hits 1,800 (A)
WTPR AM (S)   ParisTNAM 710Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite  Setup
Tested 09/20/2011
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750 (D)
Daytime Only
WHNY AM (F)   
Nothing found for Indexwrqr
ParisTNAM 1000No Web Site5,000 (D)
Daytime Only
WLZK FM   ParisTNFM 94.1Variety Hits blueAdd Favorite 
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10,500 (C3)
WRQR FM    ParisTNFM 105.5New / Updated License3,700 (A)
W248BK (S)   ParisTNFX 97.5New / Updated License250 (D)
Radio 731
TrentonTNFM 97.7Adult R&B / Soul blueAdd Favorite 
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34,000 (C2)
WENK AM (F)   
Radio NWTN
Union CityTNAM 1240Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 08/18/2013
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1,000 (C)
W238CU (S)   Union CityTNFX 95.5Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
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250 (D)

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