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Station (S) = Simulcast WebsiteFrequencyFormatListen  
* = Registration required
KDMS AM     AM 1290No Web SiteEl DoradoAR500 (D)
KELD AM (F)    AM 1400No Web SiteEl DoradoAR1,000 (C)
KAGL FM     FM 93.3No Web SiteEl DoradoAR18,000 (C3)
KMRX FM     FM 96.1No Web SiteEl DoradoAR100,000 (C1)
KMLK FM     
Formerly KLBQ
FM 98.7No Web SiteEl DoradoAR14,000 (C3)
KIXB FM     FM 103.3No Web SiteEl DoradoAR100,000 (C1)
K296FY (S)    FX 107.1No Web SiteEl DoradoAR85 (D)
KELD FM     FM 106.5No Web SiteHamptonAR17,500 (C3)
KLBQ FM     
Formerly KMLK
FM 101.5No Web SiteJunction CityAR4,500 (A)
KVMA AM (F)    AM 630Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 09/22/2014
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MagnoliaAR1,000 (D)
K296FC (S)    FX 107.1Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
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MagnoliaAR250 (D)
KVMZ FM    FM 99.1Local Country
Local Sports only
WaldoAR4,100 (A)
KZOR FM    FM 94.1Best Mix blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/3/2011
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HobbsNM100,000 (C1)
Formerly KYKK
FM 95.7Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
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HobbsNM25,000 (C3)
KIXN FM    FM 102.9Country Variety blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 08/29/2013
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HobbsNM100,000 (C1)
K263AZ (S)    FX 100.5Classic RockHobbsNM250 (D)
KEJL AM (F)    AM 1110Classic RockHUMBLE CITYNM5,000 (D)
Daytime Only
KPZA FM    FM 103.7Spanish CHR/LatinoJalNM100,000 (C1)
KKBE AM (F)    AM 910No Web SiteRoswellNM5,000 (D)
KBIM FM    FM 94.9Local Country blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/4/2011
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RoswellNM100,000 (C)
K229BV (S)    FX 93.7No Web SiteRoswellNM250 (D)

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