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Radio Stations Licensed to SOUND COMMUNICATIONS, LLC

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WZKZ FM    FM 101.9More CountryAlfredNY1,000 (A)
WENI FM (S)    
Formerly WENI
FM 97.7Variety / Mix blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 03/8/2015
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Big FlatsNY610 (A)
WENI AM (S)    AM 1450Vewy Quiet
Doesn't connect
CorningNY1,000 (C)
WGMM FM    FM 98.7Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
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CorningNY1,200 (A)
W277DG (S)    
Formerly W294AV
FX 103.3Vewy QuietCorningNY25 (D)
W294BU (S)    FX 106.7KickMe Country CorningNY99 (D)
WENY AM     AM 1230Vewy QuietElmiraNY1,000 (C)
W295BY (S)    FX 106.9Vewy QuietElmiraNY90 (D)
WKPQ FM (F)    FM 105.3KickMe Country HornellNY43,000 (B)
WOEN AM (S)    AM 1360More CountryOleanNY1,000 (D)
Mix 101.5
FM 101.5Best Mix blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 10/13/2014
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OleanNY4,000 (A)
W242CT (S)    FX 96.3More CountryOleanNY200 (D)
W263CZ (S)    
Formerly W294AW
FX 100.5No Web SiteOleanNY250 (D)
WGGO AM     AM 1590No Web SiteSalamancaNY5,000 (D)
WQRS FM    FM 98.3Mainstream Rock blueAdd Favorite 
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SalamancaNY3,200 (A)
WPHD FM (F)    
Formerly WENY
FM 92.7No Web SiteSouth WaverlyPA1,250 (A)

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