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Radio Stations Licensed to VIRGINIA TECH FOUNDATION, INC

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W238BN (S)    FX 95.5NPR News & Ideas blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 08/3/2014
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BlacksburgVA250 (D)
W235BT (S)    FX 94.9Public Radio blue mp3Add Favorite 
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FredericksburgVA80 (D)
WIQR FM (S)    
Formerly WRIQ
FM 88.7Bible Teaching blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 01/5/2017
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LexingtonVA3,900 (A)
WIQR FM/HD (S)    
Formerly WRIQ
FM 88.7Public Radio blue mp3Add Favorite 
Tested 12/27/2013
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LexingtonVA3,900 (A)
W270BJ (S)    FX 101.9NPR Classical blue mp3Add Favorite 
Tested 12/27/2013
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LexingtonVA25 (D)

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