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Radio Stations Licensed to WVJT, LLC

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WZZI FM (S)    FM 106.9Oldies blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 02/19/2021
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BedfordVA290 (A)
Oldies 103.9
FM 103.9Oldies blueAdd Favorite 
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Big IslandVA190 (A)
WXCF AM    AM 1230Oldies blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/8/2016
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Clifton ForgeVA1,000 ()
W289CQ     FX 105.7FM TranslatorClifton ForgeVA100 (D)
WKEY AM (F)    AM 1340Country Variety blueAdd Favorite 
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CovingtonVA1,000 ()
W278BF (S)    FX 103.5Country Variety blueAdd Favorite 
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CovingtonVA16 (D)
W293DO     FX 106.5FM TranslatorCovingtonVA100 (D)
W298BQ (S)    FX 107.5Classic Rock blueAdd Favorite 
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CovingtonVA250 (D)
WJVR FM    FM 101.9Classic Rock blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/3/2016
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Iron GateVA560 (A)
Lynchburg's new music station
FM 93.7Contemporary Hits blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 03/11/2015
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LynchburgVA1,600 (A)
W270CU (S)    FX 101.9Oldies blueAdd Favorite 
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RoanokeVA1 (D)
WVMP FM    FM 101.5Album Rock VintonVA1,200 (A)

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