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Jill Schlesinger on Money
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Bucket Strategy Investing
  with Johnny Dean and Rick Plum
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Better Home Show
Beyond the Beltway
 with Bruce Dumont
Big Show
 with John Boy & Billy
Bill Martinez Live
 with Bill Martinez
Bloomberg Law
 with June Grasso
Blue Lifestyle
 with Anthony Blue
Bob & Sheri
 with Bob Lacey & Sheri Lynch
Bob & Tom
 with No Bob
Both Sides Now
Brian Kilmeade
Bubba the Love Sponge
Burnie Thompson
C-SPAN Programming
Car Clinic
 with Bobby Likis
Car Pro Show
 with Jerry Reynolds
Caravan to Midnight
 with John B Wells
Celebration of Life
 with David Stein
Chad Benson
Chris Plante
Chris Salcedo (Blaze)
Coast to Coast AM
 with George Noory
Coast to Coast Monday Morning
 with Various hosts
Coast to Coast Rewind
 with George Noory
Coast to Coast Sunday Morning
Conspiracy Show, the
 with Richard Syrett
Corporation Nation
 with Clint Robertson
 with Mick Williams
Dan Bongino
Dan Proft
Democracy Now
 with Amy Goodman
Dennis Prager
Devil's Advocate
 with Dominic
Digital Planet
Digital Spin
 with Mario Armstrong
Dirt Doctor
 with Howard Garrett
DM Live
 with Dawson McCallister
Doing What Works
 with Maureen Anderson
Dr Laura Berman
Dr Robin Smith
Dr. Daliah
 with Daliah Wachs, M.D.
Dr. Joy Browne
Dr. Katherine Albrecht
Dr. Pat Baccili
Erick Erickson
Erskine Overnight
Ethan Bearman
Everything That Matters
 with Dianne Linderman
Fish Talk
 with John Henigin
Frankie Boyer
Free Beer & Hot Wings
Free Talk Live
 with Ian Bernard
Frontlines of Freedom
 with Lt. Col. Denny Gillem (ret.)
Garden Life
 with Bryan Main
Garden Life
Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck Weekend
Ground Zero
 with Clyde Lewis
Gun Talk
 with Tom Gresham
Guy Benson
Hagerty's Inside Classic Cars
 with Bob Long
Handel on the Law
 with Bill Handel
Hannity Weekend
 with Sean Hannity
 with Dr. Jennifer Daniels
Herman Cain
Hollywood 360
 with Carl Amari
Home Talk USA
 with Michael King
Hoppy Kercheval
Howie Carr
Hugh Hewitt
In The Garden
 with Andre Viette
Incendiary Radio
 with Robert Reyvolt
Info Wars
 with Alex Jones
Intelligent Medicine™
 with Dr.Ronald Hoffman
Into Tomorrow
 with Dave Graveline
Jesse Kelly
Jim Brown's Common Sense
Joe Pags
John Batchelor
John Carney
John Fredericks
John Gibson
John Moore
Josh Tolley
Josh Tolly
Keep Hope Alive
 with Jesse Jackson
Keeping It Real
 with Al Sharpton
Kevin McCullough
Kim Komando on Computers
LA Theatre Works
Lars Larson
Lars Larson (Northwest)
Latino USA
Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy
Lex & Terry
 with Lex Staley & Terry Jaymes
Liberty Roundtable
 with Sam Bushman
Live on Sunday Night
 with Bill Cunningham
Lou Dobbs (Fox Business)
 with Dr. Drew Pinsky & Mike Catherwood
Lynn Wooley
Lynn Woolley
Mark Larson
Mark Levin
Markley, van Camp and Robbins
Marriage Builders
 with Bill & Joyce Harley
Michael Medved
Mike Church
Mike Feder
Mike Gallagher
Mike Malloy
Money Pit
 with Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete
Moon Griffon
Morning Blaze
 with Doc Thompson & Skip
Muscle Cars on the Radio
NBC's Meet The Press
 with Chuck Todd
Nicole Sandler
Night Light™
 with Bonnie Curry
On Air
 with Doug Stephan, Jan & Victoria
On Air
 with Ryan Seacrest
On Call
 with Dr Asa Andrew
On the House
 with the Carey Brothers
Outcast Radio
 with Don Campbell
Outdoors this Week
 with Alex Langer
Parents Journal, The
 with Bobbi Conner
Parker's Pathways
 with Dr. Winn Parker
Pat & Stu
Paul Parent Gardening Club
Peter Greenberg Worldwide
 with Peter Greenberg
Phil Cowan
Phil Hendrie
Popular Science Radio
 with Alan Taylor
Popular Technology
 with Gregg Stebben & Jason Masters
Pure Opelka
 with Miie Opelka
 with Shadrach Kabango
Ralph Winterrowd
Real Estate Today
Red Eye Radio
 with Gary McNamara & Eric Harley
Republic of Texas
 with Steve O'Brien
Restaurant Radio
Resurrect the Republic
 with Thomas LaCovara
Rick & Bubba
 with Rick Burgess & Bubba Bussey
Rick Adams Uncensored
 with Rick Adams
Ring of Fire
Robert Davi
Robert Davi AM
Robert Davi PM
Roland Martin
Rover's Morning Glory
Rush Limbaugh's Week in Review
Russ Parr Morning Show
Sam Seder
Sam's Garage
 with Sam Memmolo
Says You!
Scuba Radio
 with Greg The Divemaster
Sean Hannity
Selected Shorts
Somewhere in Time
 with Art Bell
Sound & Vision Radio
 with Mike Etchart
Special Investigation
 with Scott Wheeler
Special Prosecutor
 with Larry Klayman
Speed Freaks
Spingola Speaks
 with Deanna Spingola
Star Talk
 with Neil deGrasse Tyson
State of Belief
 with Rev Welton Gaddy
Stephanie Miller
Steve Dale's Pet World
Steve Deace
Steve Harvey
Steve Malzberg (Newsmax)
Studio 360
Sundays with Sterling
Talkin' Pets
 with Jon Patch
Tech NightOwl
The C.A.R. Show
 with Roger Kwapich & Dan Pietras
The Captain's America - Third Watch
 with Matt Bruce
The Car Doctor
 with Ron Ananian
The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show
 with Clay Travis & Buck Sexton
The Dana Show
 with Dana Loesch
The Drive
 with Alan Taylor
The Five
The Health Show
The Magic Garden
 with Mort White
The People's Pharmacy
 with Joe & Terry Graedon
The Pet Show
 with Warren Eckstein
The Power Hour
 with Daniel Brigman
The Road Warrior
 with Chris Hinkley
The Schnitt Show
 with Todd Schnitt
The Splendid Table
The Travel Show
 with Arthur Frommer
The Weekend
 with Joe Pags
Thom Hartmann
TMZ Live
Todd Starnes
Tom Joyner
Tom Shillue
Tom Sullivan
Townhall Review
Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams
Tuned to Yesterday
Twilight Zone
Under Oath
 with Matt Englett
Under the Hood
 with Russ & Shannon
Urban Journal
 with Keith Murphy
Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!
Walton & Johnson
 with Steve Johnson
Washington Journal
Wayne Allyn Root
Wha'd Ya Know?
 with Michael Feldman
What's Cookin'
Willie Jolley
Work Matters
 with Nan Russell
World Crisis Radio
 with Webster Tarpley
World of Boating
Your next job
 with Steven Greenberg
Your Voice Counts
 with Phil Tourney
Your Fear will set you Free blog

Fuck Howard Stern
Another Anti Vax host dies from Covid
Democratic Party lobbyist to take control of NAB
Who is Jesse Kelly?
Pratt on Texas got the Cancel Culture axe

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Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty's show encompasses listener calls and witty, social commentary spiced with humor. Armstrong and Getty describe their humor as "the day to day wonder and silliness of life, love, kids, pets, work, play, and the parade of goofy behavior that is the news headlines".
Topic from artstone (Oct 29, 2020)

The Democrats are desperate to make sure that stupid people vote
Join the Conversation about Armstrong & Getty
KSTE AM Add KSTE AM to Favorite Stations
Rancho Cordova, CA
Sacramento's Talk Station
  blue9:00 AM1:00 PMMTWTF..
KGB AM Add KGB AM to Favorite Stations
San Diego, CA
760 AM - San Diego's Talk, AM 760
  blue ack9:00 AM1:00 PMMTWTF..
KEX AM Add KEX AM to Favorite Stations
Portland, OR
News Radio
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
KKAT AM Add KKAT AM to Favorite Stations
Salt Lake City, UT
Utah's Talk Station
  blue ack9:00 AM1:00 PMMTWTF..
KSFO AM Add KSFO AM to Favorite Stations
San Francisco, CA
The Bay Area's Exclusive Hot Talk
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
KKFT FM Add KKFT FM to Favorite Stations
Minden, NV
KKFT 99.1 FM Talk Radio
  blue ack9:00 AM1:00 PMMTWTF..
Everyone's got an opinion.

Bob's got the truth.

Topic from artstone (Jul 20, 2016)

If Hillary Clinton wins, the Supreme Court will be damaged for a generation
Join the Conversation about Bob Frantz
WHK AM Add WHK AM to Favorite Stations
Cleveland, OH
Am The Answer
  blue ack9:00 AM11:00 AMMTWTF..
As a child Bob discovered, albeit more than a couple of spankings and a few mouthfuls of soap too late, that the truth is easier to remember than a lie.
Topic from artstone (Jun 3, 2021)

The government needs to tell people that being fat is unhealthy, especially if you are a racial minority
Join the Conversation about Bob Jones
KEYS AM Add KEYS AM to Favorite Stations
Corpus Christi, TX
  blue7:00 AM11:00 AMMTWTF..
The show previously known as Brian and the Judge, but now with Friends instead of The Judge
Topic from artstone (Feb 18, 2021)

It's time to start talking about the next election
Join the Conversation about Brian Kilmeade
FOX News Add FOX News to Favorite Stations
World Wide Web, WW
FOX News Radio
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
KJMT FM Add KJMT FM to Favorite Stations
Calico Rock, AR
Mountain Talk
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
KSEV AM Add KSEV AM to Favorite Stations
Tomball, TX
The Voice Of Texas
  blue10:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WLAD AM Add WLAD AM to Favorite Stations
Danbury, CT
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WABC AM Add WABC AM to Favorite Stations
New York, NY 
  blue ack10:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WPTF AM Add WPTF AM to Favorite Stations
Raleigh, NC
News Talk Traffic
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
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In 1996, Chad joined KRTH in Los Angeles as the Executive Producer of the Robert W. Morgan Show. Then he was creative director and Talk Host for Border Media radio in San Antonio for KTSA
Topic from artstone (Jun 3, 2021)

The 12 and 14-year-olds having a shootout with police
Join the Conversation about Chad Benson
Radio America Add Radio America to Favorite Stations
World Wide Web, WW
Radio America Network Feed
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
In his free time, Chad enjoys cigars, friends, and traveling. Besides blogging about politics and current events, Chad enjoys reviewing local restaurants and other businesses locally and wherever he may travel. In September of 2011, Chad married his best friend Jennifer. Chad will often brag about her on the air
Topic from artstone (Jun 22, 2021)

Hospitality businesses have been destroyed by the pandemic scare. People don't want to have a job that requires working in an office.
KFYO AM Add KFYO AM to Favorite Stations
Lubbock, TX 
News/talk 95.1 &
  blue9:30 AMNoonMTWTF..
Chris Plante joined WMAL after 17 years at CNN including nearly ten years assigned to the Pentagon covering the U.S. military and intelligence community. Chris was assigned variously as Pentagon Correspondent, Senior Producer for National Security Affairs, Military Affairs Producer and as an assignment editor. He travelled extensively for CNN covering defense related stories from Saudi Arabia in 1990 and Bosnia in 1995, to Vietnam, Indonesia, Africa and the remote corners of the former Soviet Union.
Topic from artstone (Jun 21, 2021)

The Democrats are a Third World country
Join the Conversation about Chris Plante
WEEB AM Add WEEB AM to Favorite Stations
Southern Pines, NC
Talk 97.3fm
  blue mp39:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WHLD AM Add WHLD AM to Favorite Stations
Niagara Falls, NY
Talk 1270
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WPRV AM Add WPRV AM to Favorite Stations
Providence, RI
am790 | WPRV-AM
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WMAC AM Add WMAC AM to Favorite Stations
Macon, GA 
AM News Talk Sports
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WFAS AM Add WFAS AM to Favorite Stations
White Plains, NY
New Talk For New York
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WCOA AM Add WCOA AM to Favorite Stations
Pensacola, FL 
Pensacola's News Talk Radio Station
  blue ack10:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Chris’ background includes serving as a news anchor on a nationally syndicated radio news network. He continues as a contributor to The Blaze.com and is the Executive Director of the Conservative Hispanic Society.
Topic from TheJerseyDevil (Mar 27, 2019)

It's time to investigate Hillary Clinton's collusion with Russia
Join the Conversation about Chris Salcedo
WBAP AM Add WBAP AM to Favorite Stations
Fort Worth, TX 
News Talk
  blue ack10:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Dan Rivers is deeply interested in the rebuilding of Youngstown and uses his talk show daily to encourage citizens to keep the faith, that the once proud Steel Town will rise again.
Topic from artstone (Jun 3, 2021)

Cuomo is Teflon when it comes to his decisions
Join the Conversation about Dan Rivers
WKBN AM Add WKBN AM to Favorite Stations
Youngstown, OH 
  blue8:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
if you want to start your day with a news show hosted by a woman, this is the show for you!
Topic from artstone (Nov 2, 2012)

Guest wrote a Southern cookbook with a French twist
KELY AM Add KELY AM to Favorite Stations
Ely, NV
  blue8:00 AM11:00 AMMTWTF..
Dennis Prager is one of America's most respected radio talk show hosts. He has been broadcasting on radio in Los Angeles since 1982.

For ten years, he conducted a weekly interfaith dialogue on radio with representatives of virtually every religion in the world. New York's Jewish Week described Dennis Prager as "one of the three most interesting minds in American Jewish Life."

Topic from artstone (Feb 19, 2021)

Dennis is going to visit Sarasota Florida in April
Prager Add Prager to Favorite Stations
24/7 Dennis Prager
  blue ackMidnight11:59 PMMTWTFSS
Born and raised in South Philly, Dom's local flavor makes him one of the region's best-connected media personalities. Dom began his unique path to broadcasting as a high school teacher in the Delaware Valley, where he received widespread media coverage for his innovative teaching and motivational techniques with his students.
Topic from WesternMA (May 19, 2017)

Discussion of the death of Roger Ailes. Bill O'Reilly (in a published opinion piece)says Ailes was killed by hate.
Join the Conversation about Dom Giordano
WPHT AM Add WPHT AM to Favorite Stations
Philadelphia, PA
Talk Radio
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Erick is a lawyer by training, has been a political campaign manager and consultant, helped start one of the premiere grassroots conservative websites in the world, served as a political contributor for CNN and Fox News, and hosts his radio show from WSB Radio in Atlanta. Erick is also in seminary.
Topic from artstone (Jun 3, 2021)

The guest is trying to convince people that the vaccines are not safe
WCHM AM Add WCHM AM to Favorite Stations
Clarkesville, GA
WCHM Radio
Added automatically from Affiliate List
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Financial Exchange Live!
with Barry Armstrong & Kim Carrigan
More Info
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WRKO AM Add WRKO AM to Favorite Stations
Boston, MA
WRKO-AM 680 - The Voice of Boston
  blue ack10:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Longtime Bakersfield icon, Scott Cox, will host a new kind of morning radio show, broadcasting from the new state of the art studio inside the newsroom of the Bakersfield Californian
Topic from artstone (Feb 24, 2012)

Dwight Yocum's redneck music
Join the Conversation about First Look
KERN AM Add KERN AM to Favorite Stations
Bakersfield, CA
KERN Radio
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Frank Beckmann Live!
Frank Beckmann is retiring March 24, 2021
More Info
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Frank Beckmann brings his 30 years of broadcasting experience and his easy, laid-back humor to WJR listeners every morning. Frank continues the tradition of more interviews, more celebrities, more business coverage and more sports with a style that his fans have come to know and love.
Topic from artstone (Oct 29, 2020)

The big 10 is taking the virus threat seriously, unlike the SEC
Join the Conversation about Frank Beckmann
WJR AM Add WJR AM to Favorite Stations
Detroit, MI
Great Voice of the Great Lakes
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
The Glenn Beck Program is not a radio show, it is a movement. Once 10% of us become True Believers and agree to defend Israel, we will change America.

We're in a war between good and evil, and if you aren't part of Glenn's army of God, you are evil and must be destroyed.

Topic from TheJerseyDevil (Jun 28, 2021)

Guest Pat Gray: Joe Biden is out to lunch and he's not coming home for dinner
Join the Conversation about Glenn Beck
WFSX FM Add WFSX FM to Favorite Stations
Estero, FL
92.5 Fox News
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
TheBlaze Add TheBlaze to Favorite Stations
World Wide Web, WW
Blaze Media
Official Glenn Beck Free Stream
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
KZNU AM Add KZNU AM to Favorite Stations
St George, UT
St George News Radio
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WFOM AM Add WFOM AM to Favorite Stations
Marietta, GA
Xtra 1063 FM
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WFRA AM Add WFRA AM to Favorite Stations
Franklin, PA
ANTS Network Flagship
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WFBG AM Add WFBG AM to Favorite Stations
Altoona, PA
BIG 1290
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
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Hugh Hewitt is a Professor of Law at Chapman University Law School, where he teaches Constitutional Law. He is a weekly columnist for The Daily Standard, the online edition of The Weekly Standard, and a weekly columnist for WorldNetDaily.com.
Topic from artstone (Jun 2, 2021)

Having a dog is great but it means a loss of freedom
Hewitt Add Hewitt to Favorite Stations
24/7 Hugh Hewitt
  blue ackMidnight11:59 PMMTWTFSS
Info Wars
with Alex Jones
4th hour is usually done by staff, Sunday 5-7 PM Eastern
More Info
Ratingsblue 7.8 (19 votes)
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The one person brave enough to tell you the "truth" about the global conspiracy of the New World Order.
Topic from artstone (Jun 28, 2021)

The WHO has a plan to sterilize everyone using vaccines
Alex Jones Add Alex Jones to Favorite Stations
24 hr feed of the Alex Jones show
  blue mp31:00 AM:59 AMMTWTFSS
The sage of South LA takes a second shot at national syndication, bringing the unique perspective of a black libertarian to the masses.
Topic from artstone (May 21, 2021)

Let’s talk about Israel
Larry Elder Add Larry Elder to Favorite Stations
The Larry Show
  blueMidnight11:59 PMMTWTFSS
Lucy Ann loves Ann Arbor. She grew-up here and was graduated from Huron H.S. and the University of Michigan. She has a strong news background and began her broadcast career here at WAAM in 1984 as Assistant News Director under Ted Heusel. She hosts a public affairs program called "Michigan Forum" on PAX TV throughout the state. In addition, Lucy Ann is the Program Manager for the City of Ann Arbor's local cable channels.
Topic from artstone (Nov 3, 2020)

The Covid 19 is a real devil. University of Michigan is just lifted the ban on students having to stay inside.
Join the Conversation about Lucy Ann Lance
WLBY AM Add WLBY AM to Favorite Stations
Saline, MI
Ann Arbor's Talk
  blue ack8:00 AM11:00 AMMTWTF..
22 year radio veteran Mark Davis lands at Salem Radio's "The Answer" after Cumulus radio acquired the former ABC radio stations and decided it wasn't willing to extend a contract to Mark Davis they could agree on...
Topic from artstone (Oct 29, 2020)

Why do we need drop off boxes for ballots?
Join the Conversation about Mark Davis
KSKY AM Add KSKY AM to Favorite Stations
Balch Springs, TX
The Answer
  blue ack8:00 AM11:00 AMMTWTF..
Mark Levin is one of America's preeminent conservative commentators and constitutional lawyers. He's in great demand as a political and legal commentator, and has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs. Levin is also a contributing editor for National Review Online, and writes frequently for other publications. His contract runs until 2025
Topic from artstone (Jun 28, 2021)

Swiss America warns that there is a war against cash!
MarkLevin Add MarkLevin to Favorite Stations
The Mark Levin Show
  blue ackMidnight11:59 PMMTWTFSS
WABC's loss is WOR's gain
Topic from artstone (Jun 21, 2021)

Mark is talking with Gene Simmons of the rock group KISS
Join the Conversation about Mark Simone
WOR AM Add WOR AM to Favorite Stations
New York, NY
The voice of New York
  blue ack10:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Doug McIntyre is on in the Morning, and is Live and Local. What else would you want to know? Oh, and he has apologized for voting for George W Bush.
Topic from artstone (Mar 4, 2015)

Israel is under attack! It's time for war with Iran!
Join the Conversation about McIntyre in the Morning
KABC AM Add KABC AM to Favorite Stations
Los Angeles, CA
  blue ack8:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Michael is a city councilman, elected three times at-large (city-wide). Michael Berry wants his show to be a "controversial discussion of issues ranging from politics to pop culture." He says, "I want people to discuss openly what they typically think, but can't say.
Topic from artstone (Jan 5, 2021)

The senate races in Georgia
KTRH AM Add KTRH AM to Favorite Stations
Houston, TX 
Houston's News, Weather & Traffic Station
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
It's the Big Show!
Topic from artstone (Jun 3, 2021)

The guest states that Airbnb is unfair competition to hotels
WJIM AM Add WJIM AM to Favorite Stations
Lansing, MI
Lansing's Big Talker
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Ratingsblue 6.0 (27 votes)
Rate this show
In addition to doing a national radio show since 1998, Mike is a Fox News Channel Contributor on Fox News Channel program. Mike is now in the role of single father raising his family in addition to telling America what is Right to think
Topic from artstone (Jun 2, 2021)

Portland is finally having to admit that the violence there is real
Join the Conversation about Mike Gallagher
WGTK FM Add WGTK FM to Favorite Stations
Greenville, SC
The Answer
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
KTRB AM Add KTRB AM to Favorite Stations
San Francisco, CA
The Answer
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
WDRC AM Add WDRC AM to Favorite Stations
Hartford, CT
Talk Of Connecticut
  blue9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Gallagher Add Gallagher to Favorite Stations
24/7 Mike Gallagher
  blue ackMidnight11:59 PMMTWTFSS
WNTP AM Add WNTP AM to Favorite Stations
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia’s AM The Answer
  blue ack9:00 AM11:00 AMMTWTF..
The Self Proclaimed Voice Of Louisiana. Moon's Program Mixes Louisiana Politics With Down Home Logic and Charm.
Topic from TheJerseyDevil (Nov 8, 2016)

Moon says the Comey back-and-forth was a deliberate distraction to prop up the Clintons
Join the Conversation about Moon Griffon
KMLB AM Add KMLB AM to Favorite Stations
Monroe, LA
KMLB – News – Talk
  blue ack10:00 AM11:00 AMMTWTF..
If you don't know Phil, you don't know radio!
Topic from artstone (Dec 17, 2015)

The Rock and Roll hall of fame has annoyed need their inductees - Cheap Trick doesn't deserve it
Join the Conversation about Phil Cowan
KTKZ AM Add KTKZ AM to Favorite Stations
Sacramento, CA
Am The Answer Intelligent Conservative Talk
  blue ack9:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Richard Randall is a veteran broadcaster, lawyer and documentary producer for PBS.
Topic from artstone (Apr 16, 2012)

Rendering under Caesar what is Caesar's - a Bible lesson from a caller
Join the Conversation about Richard Randall
KVOR AM Add KVOR AM to Favorite Stations
Colorado Springs, CO
  blue ack10:30 AMNoonMTWTF..
For Ross, it’s all about great ideas, freedom, and fun…and not about labels, about “us versus them,” or about assuming that a disagreement means someone has bad intentions. What can we do together to make Denver – along with the rest of the state, country and planet – a better place for us and our children?
Topic from artstone (Mar 19, 2018)

Congress is considering limiting free speech because of child sex trafficking
Join the Conversation about Ross Kaminsky
KHOW AM Add KHOW AM to Favorite Stations
Denver, CO
Denver's Talk Station
  blue8:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
KFAB AM Add KFAB AM to Favorite Stations
Omaha, NE 
  blue ack10:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Join Fox News star Sean Hannity as he counts down the number of days until "we" take the country back in 2016, following his success influencing the 2012 election. If you just can't get enough election coverage, this is the show for you! Add in breaking news reports on the Natalee Holloway case, and you couldn't ask for a better show!
Topic from artstone (Jan 5, 2021)

If you are in Georgia, hurry up and vote
Hannity Add Hannity to Favorite Stations
Sean Hannity
  blue ackMidnight11:59 PMMTWTFSS
WMLB AM Add WMLB AM to Favorite Stations
Avondale Estates, GA
Atlanta's Free Speech Blow Torch!
  blue10:00 AMNoonMTWTF..
Walton & Johnson Live!
with Steve Johnson
John Walton died July 1, 2019
More Info
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The W&J Radio Show is a unique mix of "stream of consciousness," opinionated and compelling talk, celebrity guest, musical elements, fictional characters and famous impersonations, great skit writing and production coupled with powerful interaction that radio audiences seem to appreciate.
Topic from artstone (Feb 19, 2021)

The human brain is shrinking
Join the Conversation about Walton & Johnson
KPRC AM Add KPRC AM to Favorite Stations
Houston, TX
Real Texas, real talk
  blue ack6:00 AM11:00 AMMTWTF..
WJBO AM Add WJBO AM to Favorite Stations
Baton Rouge, LA 
Newsradio & 98.7 FM
  blue ack6:30 AM11:00 AMMTWTF..
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