How to solve the LA/LB backlog – push the ships farther out to sea!

If the container ships are beyond the range of TV Helicopters, they don’t exist.

This new plan to slow-steam ships crossing the Pacific Ocean does not affect those already waiting at the port, and is voluntary. It will take at least a month to clear out those ships already waiting in line.  Ships going north or south have a separate set of rules.


Pacific Maritime Organization (Longshore Labor Union contract partners)

Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (California/Washington State Lobbying)

Marine Exchange of Southern California  (Port operations)


Labor Union status by ship

CMA CGM to buy Femix terminal in LA

The Port of Los Angeles has seven container terminals. Each terminal has control of which ships they handle and in what order. There is not one big queue of 73 ships waiting to be unloaded – there are seven groups.

CMA CGM is a French-based shipping company. They are the 4th largest global shipping company. The Femix terminal was probably the most flexible in terms of accommodating smaller shipping companies. This acquisition is very important. This purchase means that it was worth $2 billion dollars for CMA CGM to make sure their ships are unloaded on a predictable schedule.