Los Angeles California


The Port of Los Angeles is operated by the city of Los Angeles. It’s best to think of it as they’re the landlord. The Port of Los Angeles has many types of Operations:

  • Containers
  • Vehicle Roll on Roll Off (RORO)
  • Dry Bulk
  • Agricultural Bulk
  • Break Bulk
  • Petroleum Tankers
  • Chemical Tankers
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Passenger Cruise Ships
  • Private Marina

The Container operations are conducted by seven independently Operated terminals that have long-term leases with the Port of Los Angeles. When you hear that a certain number of container ships are stuck at anchor, each one of those ships is scheduled for a specific terminal. They are not all equally backlogged.

Each terminal has its own gates, storage area, cranes, operating procedures and relationships with the shipping companies and related alliances. Each terminal maintains its own schedule of which ships will be unloaded on what dates.

Here is the list of terminal operators

container report: https://signal.portoptimizer.com/

Union Worker Counts by Ship