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Robots that measure the temperature of the ocean are finding no evidence of ocean warming. ?
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Chris Plante: Chris asks today: Is the Democrat party of today closer to President John F. Kennedy or the leftist, assassin/communist Lee Harvey Oswald ?
Glenn Beck: The insanity of the left shows that the good guys are winning, says Glenn
Rush Limbaugh: 'Don't try to reason with ignorance. Defeat it,' says Rush
Jesus Christ: God will not necessarily send a 3 year old who dies to hell
Jill Schlesinger on Money: Don't try to retire early, just keep working until you die
Handel on the Law: Jake paid a company to get a out of a timeshare condominium and they didn't actually do anything
Doing What Works: Connecting to people in a virtual world
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats have been losing elections consistently for the last 10 years
Nick Taliaferra: The Confederacy was just like ISIS
Rush Limbaugh: Rush says that consultants and the party Democrat elitist just do not understand the core 'Trump' voter. The democrat cannot be honest with the writing on the wall, democrats are to far left.
Savage Nation: Dr. Savage says that without borders you have no country. What will the U.S. military do when they are deployed to the border and the hordes from mexico & Central America 'bum rush' the border ? Dr. Savage does not think President Trump has not thought that far ahead.
Chris Plante: Chris says Jim Carrey should be deported to canada. He calls himself a artist, blames Trump for pipe bomb attacks on has-been democrats. Carrey stays out of Canada because he doesn't want to pay high taxes( He is from Canada).
Info Wars: Alex is interviewing Matt Bracken ( Navy Seal). He says the person who sent out the fake pipe bombs on behalf of Debbie wasserman-Schultz, may already under observance by the FBI. They would like to find the guy mailing another one.
Ark Midnight: John is interviewing William Federer. writer of teh book American Minute, he talks about the history of the United states and the ancestry of the settlers. Very interesting.
Armed American Radio: Marks reports that Pittsburgh mayor(D) & senator Chris Murphy(D)say armed good guys at churches and synagogues is 'Not'the solution to protect children & senior citizens.As the mayor & chris murphy both have armed security. Hypocrites.

Rush Limbaugh: Rush reports that incumbent Democrat Senator Missouri,
Clair C. McCaskill says she supports president Trump in secure borders. CNN & Bernie Sanders have disowned senator McCaskill.
President Trump's approval rating that in ND is 61% !
Chris Plante: Chris warns that voting democrat and they take the House of Representatives, will really make Washington DC a
'Real Goat rodeo'! Nancy & Schumer are for open borders.
Gun Talk: Tom discussing about Democrat candidate for Governor in Georgia, Stacy Abrams wants to ban the AR-15 from private ownership. Her and Oprah want you to turn them in. She doesn't know if she will have the Georgia National guard pick them up from citizens. Yet.
Armed American Radio: Mark is interviewing Steve Bannon. Republicans have a good shot at winning the House this election. You have to show up on Tuesday and call your friends to help!
Mornings on the Mall: Mary & Kevin discuss the election coverage tonight on WMAL, Live with Larry O'conner & Jim Bohannon. They are interviewing
Ken Cuchinelli , You never know Corey Stewart could pull an upset, if the dems stay in from the rain.
Rush Limbaugh: Even if Dems win the House tonight, Rush still won't believe the country has gone socialist
Rush Limbaugh: Dems won the house because some GOPers retired when the media pushed the 'blue wave' nonsense
Rush Limbaugh: Rush calls French President Macron a "small-minded nitwit"
Mornings on the Mall: Mary & Kevin discuss the new Monica Lewinsky interview where she was 22 and Bill Clinton was 50. She describes some of the promises, & gifts She describes where she was trapped in the hotel buy the FBI for questioning also.
Chris Plante: Chris reports that Hillary & 'Beto' are in the lead for Democrat nomination for President. Yesterday was the first day Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)NY elect visits the capital and Washington DC. She had her Hillary lunch box with her.