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Jupiter is experiencing global warming, and it has no SUVs or humans. ?
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Dan Bongino: Republicans are bad at marketing
The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show: Eric Adams, a former police officer, might win the race for mayor of New York City, and that might affect the future of the anti-police movement of BLM
Buck Sexton: Brett Winterble is guest hosting today
Chad Hasty: Hospitality businesses have been destroyed by the pandemic scare. People don't want to have a job that requires working in an office.
Petros & Money: Japanese Wasabi loses its flavor after 15 minutes. We are eating fake wasabi.
John Kobylt: The Delta variant of the covid vaccine is going to kill young people!
Joe Pags: You may be intersectional and not even know it
Glenn Beck: Guest Pat Gray: Joe Biden is out to lunch and he's not coming home for dinner
Jesse Kelly: Jesse is not going to make you miserable
John Howell: Democrats are saying that Republicans are responsible for the building collapses
Info Wars: The WHO has a plan to sterilize everyone using vaccines
Mark Levin: Swiss America warns that there is a war against cash!
Jesse Kelly: The modern Democratic party is anti-American
Ben Shapiro: Ben is talking too fast to understand what he is saying. He knows that and doesn't care
Glenn Beck: How hard should it be for a GOP Congress to impeach Mayorkas?
Hugh Hewitt: Republicans are showing science that they think they’re going to lose the House
NPR's Morning Edition: In between all the commercials, a little football was played
Sports Junkies: Analyzing the results of the big game
Fred LeFebvre: We can’t really rule out that President Biden did talk to French President Mitteron who’s been dead for 30 years
WPTF morning show: Talking about the best commercials in the halftime show at the football event, whose name we cannot say
Coast to Coast AM: The heart is leading the way to improve humanity
Red Eye Radio: The gaslighting done by the president is reaching record levels
America At Night: An open border is incongruent with history
Glenn Beck: Some truckers don't want to deliver to NYC because of the legal vendetta against President Trump
Glenn Beck: George Soros is taking control of Audacy, which owns the former CBS & Westinghouse radio station groups