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Chris Plante: Trump calls Biden a 'dummy' who is 'mentally weak'
Mornings on the Mall: Vince & Mary are live, talking about Sarah Saunders leaving the Press secretary job. The 'old' press was mean to her. Lunch bucket Joe Biden still pining for an endorsement from ex-president OBO, from 'Kinyah' that is not coming. Its going to mayor Pete Booty-edge.
Glenn Beck: We're ignoring the lessons of Chernobyl by not checking asylum seekers for Ebola
Chris Plante: WaPo bureau chief blames Trump for Iran blowing up tankers
Brian Kilmeade: Reps & Dems agree that we need to stand up to the Chinese economic threat
Mark Levin: Cortez has a 21% approval rate among her constituents
Glenn Beck: Glenn is still trying to be nice but Cortez' stupidity is pushing him to the limit
Rush Limbaugh: Rush: Joe Biden is finished
Glenn Beck: You can say a lot about Donald Trump but he's not a warmonger
Chris Plante: Trump is good cop and bad cop at the same time
Ark Midnight: John is 'live' tonight. He is talking about how vaccines & John Brennan trying to take America down. Third hour will be interview with Dane Wigington from GeoWatch. Also crazy
Burnt-out 'Berni' wants you to send him a 'Check'.
Mark Levin: Guest host - liberals want you to be miserable
Lars Larson (National): Is it true that being raped is sexy?
Ark Midnight: John is live tonight, & Fired up. Stan Deyo is talking about the earthquakes in CA. Watch out people, if Paul Giamante shows up on TV warning of earthquakes & Tsunamis, we're done!
Cody Snodgres, former agent & background deep state analyst, 2nd hour
Rover's Morning Glory: The Rover tour bus is on the road
Mornings on the Mall: Mary & Vince talk about President Trump not getting the question about citizenship put back on the census form. The former Obo administration with Valerie Jarrett, had it removed for 2010.
Jay Weber: 1 in 14 people in Britain are on a waiting list for surgery
Stephanie Miller: 80% of Democrats want to impeach President Trump
Russ Martin: The high tech mosquito noise to run off teenagers
Chicks on the Right: The woman who faked the claim that Trump kissed her
Armed American Radio: Mark is 'Live' tonight, second hour interviewing Dr. Jon Lott, about how editor at NY Times, doesn't care if you committed suicide, it's only bad if you use a firearm. Governor of Virginia special session last week, failed to pass new Gun bans on law abiding citizens after VA Beach shooting.
Glenn Beck: A new Drudge-like website exposes the dominance of former Democrat officials in policy positions at Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, etc.
Rush Limbaugh: Trump is forcing Dems to defend the crazy Cortez crew
Rush Limbaugh: Rush doesn't think Trump's tweets about the 'squad' are an unforced error
Rush Limbaugh: A Chinese immigrant caller wants Trump impeached so his fellow Republican Mike Pence can win in 2020