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Almost half of all Americans have a below average income ?
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Glenn Beck: George Soros is taking control of Audacy, which owns the former CBS & Westinghouse radio station groups
Chris Plante: Leftists love death like conservatives loe life
Mike Gallagher: Mike is broadcasting live from hostage square in tel Aviv to make sure that Americans don't forget what's happened in Israel
Devil's Advocates: All those rural Trump supporters in the midwest are racists!
Lars Larson: First is discussing movies, specifically those with Steve Martin
Officer Tatum: The FBI raided the home of an (Asian) aide to the New York city mayor
Bill Meyer: The bank crisis is about ready to crash
John Landecker: We're getting ready for the State of the Union address
Cat Roundtable: The bacteria in your gut is your friend. You typically have around 4 pounds of bacteria in your body.
Judge Jeanine Pirra: Judge Jeanine is talking to a guest about how the unions have actually hurt the Auto industry
Dick Morris Show Presented by Patriot Gold Group: The Democratic party is a tipping point, losing their black and Hispanic voters
Royce White: When Eve disappeared from the garden of Eden, God showed up to ask what happened
Roger Stone Show: The judge in New York is gone as far as saying, that any supporter of Roger Stone must be gagged, and cannot speak on his case
The Media Project: How can we effectively suppress disinformation?
Hugh Hewitt: What’s the over and under for the date when Donald Trump gets convicted in New York?
Glenn Beck: Our industries and farmers are being destroyed by efforts to control global warming
Chris Plante: The Democrats are trying to destroy the English language as part of the campaign to destroy American culture
John & Gordy: The host's dog has been having soft poop, and maybe a new dog food will help
Dan Bongino: Taking 8% of the wealth of billionaires is a stupid idea
America Tonight: Kate is interviewing the author of the book Dixie apocalypse
Eric Metaxas: Eric is talking to the author of the book detransitioning diary
Coast to Coast AM: Flowers are fields of people
Stephanie Miller: dictator Donald Trump wants to ban abortions!
1a: It’s about time the women’s sport is getting coverage in the media. We demand it right now!
Stephen K Bannon: Israel is not going anywhere and we’ve got to win this war! Otherwise the United States will fall apart