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The White House can take control of all radio stations in an emergency ?
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Glenn Beck: Glenn Beck discusses with Stu, that Australia is not real, and Donald Trump was from the moon. Glenn likes Bitcoin.
Yeah, I am not typing random words.
Rush Limbaugh: Rush says it's only right that liberals should suffer from the policies created by people they voted for
Dennis Prager: Actual news reporter Sara Carter details how former Obama officials continue to actively undermine the duly elected president of the United States
Mark Levin: To those who think Trump is threatening the press: Lincoln put some reporters and publishers in jail
Rush Limbaugh: Rush Limbaugh celebrates his 30th anniversary show today is the topic. They plan to play clips of him being a disc jockey in Pittsburgh,PA. and intermix current news. 30 years at one job is pretty good. interesting
Rush Limbaugh: 12:30- 12:45 segment Rush is interviewing President Trump.
President Trump congratulates Rush on 30 years and tells him the best economy ever is going on now during his show, because its the right thing to do for people.
Mornings on the Mall: Mary & 'Kevin' interview Dinesh D'sousa, on his release of his latest movie,'Death of a Nation'. Part is how the obo cabal worked to silence any opposition with IRS and many other obscure Gov agencies.
Dennis Prager: The threat in this country is from the left
Rush Limbaugh: Trump's approval rating among African-Americans has doubled. Translated into votes, that would mean the end of the Democrat Party.
Hugh Hewitt: Hugh is talking with Dr. Gerome Corsi and the ineptness Egyptian military. Egypt should sign a non aggressive agreement with Israel because Egypt couldn't stop them. I thought Corsi was Infowars Washington correspondent?

Rush Limbaugh: All five of the Trump-endorsed candidates won yesterday. That signals a blue wave in November, according to the drive-by media.
Sean Hannity: Sean says Trump dragged the Ohio GOP congressional winner across the finish line on his back
Rush Limbaugh: The New York Times runs a piece which says that the Constitution is meant to thwart the will of the people
Dennis Prager: A caller says the president shouldn't have called Omarosa a dog because dogs are loyal
Dennis Prager: If the Bible is not the central book in America, then America is over
The Schnitt Show: Todd says the president's revoking the security clearance of Communist Party voter John Brennan today is 'absolutely brilliant'
Glenn Beck: There are more people in slavery today than the entire 400 years of western slave trade
Rush Limbaugh: To fight the president's charge that the media is colluding to attack him, newspapers today colluded to attack him
Mark Levin: The leftist media continues to propagate the lie that the "free press" is under attack
Mornings on the Mall: Mary & 'Kevin' interviewed Dr. Sebastian Gorka, about toilet-skid-mark jon brennen,& his continuous whining about losing his money-maker 'security clearance'. Basically he said Brennen is a white-trash communist, treasonous bitch.
Brian Kilmeade: Fox News anchor Bret Baier previews the 2018 midterm elections
Chris Plante: 'Don't say truth isn't truth to me,' says Democrat Party operative/NBC Newsman Chunk Todd to Rudy Giuliani
Rush Limbaugh: Rush says a federal security clearance is resume gold in DC
Info Wars: Alex says 'Prager university' by Dennis Prager was deleted off youtube. If you have seen some of his video's they were not controversial.Conservative yes and respectful videos that were good. Alex says 'it's on like donkey-Kong' now!
Info Wars: Correction: 'Prager university' by Dennis Prager was not completely deleted off youtube. Several of his videos were deleted of facebook and itunes and some off youtube. Not all videos.