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Mark Levin: Mark goes deep into the Biden-Ukraine scandal
Brian Kilmeade: The 'whistleblower' can't blow any whistle because he wasn't even there
Rush Limbaugh: A very serious President Trump took the world's bad guys to the woodshed at the UN today
Rush Limbaugh: Remember when Democrats didn't want the FBI's help in fighting election meddling by Russian citizens?
Rush Limbaugh: Trump is the real whistleblower in the country today
Ben Shapiro: Former U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy says the 'real' impeachment agenda is to try and make the president unelectable in 2020
Rush Limbaugh: GOP candidates around the country find voters uninterested in impeachment probe
Rush Limbaugh: Rush thinks H.R. Clinton is in the 2020 presidential race
Mark Levin: CNN confirms that the so-called 'whistleblower' is a registered Democrat
Chris Plante: CBS is doing a mini-series about disgraced ex-FBI boss James Comey
Brian Kilmeade: A New York Times columnist is happy that a 'deep state' is working against a duly elected president
Glenn Beck: Glenn details the ties between Democrats and the corrupt former Ukrainian government
Rush Limbaugh: It's not an impeachment inquiry, it's an inquisition
Jim Bohannon At Night: Columbus Day is here again
Rush Limbaugh: Rush seems unimpressed by the genius of Lebron James
Dennis Prager: Columnist Kim Strassel reminds us that Obama chose the Communist Party voter John Brennan as CIA boss
Chris Plante: The winner of last night's debate was President Trump
Mark Levin: CNN loon Acosta says facts uncovered by Politico and a New York Times reporter are a conspiracy theory
Rush Limbaugh: Rush says Mitt Romney is 'thin skinned, totally vain and completely jealous' of President Trump
Glenn Beck: Glenn says Republicans need to attack the substance of the phony impeachment charges and stop focusing on the process
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats have been reduced to sympathy for a terrorist
Rush Limbaugh: Rush urges Republicans to follow Rand Paul's lead and go on offense against Shifty Schiff
America First: So now Schiff says he DOESN'T know who the so-called whistleblower is?
Sean Hannity: The hearsay hearings are underway
Howie Carr: The Democrats' first witnesses against President Trump were two people who've never talked to him