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Chris Plante: A CNN legal expert thinks most Antifa members are African-Americans
Chris Plante: The left has double standards on racism where its a one way street.Only Republicans are racist. F Chuck Todd is helping D.Timmy Kaine to get re-elected to the senate in Virginia by having him on TV every weekend.
Rush Limbaugh: Rush rarely has guests on his show but today, he welcomes the inimitable Ann Coulter to talk about her new book
Chris Plante: Chris, a former CNN reporter, shreds a CNN press release claiming that the network doesn't lie
Glenn Beck: In a debate last night, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he'd stop lying when his opponent does
Rush Limbaugh: Former Clinton cabinet tool Robert Reich talks about annulling the Trump presidency
Sean Hannity: Gregg Jarrett fills in for Sean. It must be very pleasant for him not to be interrupted every few seconds.
Howie Carr: The upcoming primary in Massachusetts
Mark Levin: Did McCain lose because he was not a Conservative?
Tom Sullivan: Tom sullivan didn't retire, he is still on Fox. What are you doing this Labor day 2018. Tom asks If Donald Trump has helped you. He doesn't like newspapers
Gun Talk: Live Labor day weekend show by Tom. Listeners calling in with range reports and interview with Steve Barnett of Ruger. Canadian gun laws forbade pistol ownership for responsible Canadian citizens, yet shootings occur in Toronto every weekend. How can that be ?
Lars Larson (National): Lars was off today, it was a best of show. It wasn't to bad he thinks Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be doing more to in investigating Hillary Clinton
Brian Kilmeade: 'Condos or death': Sen. Lindsay Graham says that's what Donald Trump is offering Kim Jung Un
Armed American Radio: Mark is interviewing AWR Hawkins of Brietbart news. Levis strauss attacks everyone that enjoys and embraces the second amendment. Levis obviously thinks their 'chinese' made jeans are targeted for Gen 'z' and other socialist, and don't want customer 40 and older.
Chris Plante: Chris reports that Washington Post whines that 'Trump' is dismantling the EPA. 1800 'workers'have left the EPA,(yeah)in the last 18 months. 8% reduction so far. Chris clapped hands on air. Now they need to dump CAFE standards, and go 'Free market' on automobiles !
Rush Limbaugh: Serena Williams dealt with getting her butt kicked in the same elitist, entitled way that Hillary Clinton did
Chris Plante: Chris remembers 9/11 attack at Pentagon, where he was at that fateful day. He also recalls the attack on Benghazi that Hillary approved and susan rice deflected to a worthless video.Hillary is part of the lie and stephan 'weenee' cobert
Info Wars: Alex interviews Clyde Lewis on 9/11. He explains the explosions in building 6 & 7 and how they were brought down.
Clyde Lewis has his own show also
Mornings on the Mall: Mary & Kevin interview Kevin Dailey about accusation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh may have sexually assaulted a girl 37 years ago,at a party?Sen.Fienstein is playing the Patrick Leahy/Ted kennedy part,27 years later like they did against Justice Thomas.
Chris Plante: The truth is not part of the discussion when it comes to the accusation against Judge Kavanaugh
Laura Ingraham: If the accuser doesn't accept the invitation to appear, the hearing will be cancelled, says the committee chairman
Info Wars: Alex is doing a useful interview with Tommy Robinson of the UK who is actively fighting against widespread pedophilia in UK. The cover up in government, radical islam & gangs. He has lost his house was in prison, still fighting. so sad this goes on.
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats and their media allies think America is as anti-Trump as they are
Gun Talk: Tom interviews official with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. The U.S.Army is going to de-commission a group of older M1911A1 .45ACP pistols for sale to American citizens. Eight to ten thousand pistols released each year, until the whole 100K are adopted. Own a piece of history. check CMP website,
Chris Plante: Chris says that Ruth 'gator' Ginsburg impeached should be removed from the SCOTUS, for crimes and ethical violations that will be explained later. Also They found a two headed copperhead snake, in Prince william county Virginia. Its going to a Zoo, with Senator Mark Warner.