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Mornings on the Mall: Mary is still off until Jan 7. Kevin has guest host with him in the studio. Today is former Virginia attorney General General Ken Cuccinelli. Discussing 'Clown-Posse Pelosi' saying on NBC that Hawaii was 'meh' place for vacay.
Armstrong & Getty: Compilation of best of 2018 segments
Gun Talk: Tom notes new year & new gun laws. Its going to be a tough fight against the Nancy Pelosi clown posse, especially when you have to watch RINO's like Marco Rubio & Rick Scott,FL. yapping they will reach across the aisle.
America Tonight: The wall can be made out of steel if Dems don't like concrete, the president says
America First: Rep. Dan Crenshaw slams Dumbocrat Hank 'Guam Might Tip Over' Johnson for insulting Trump supporters
Sean Hannity: The man elected as Disrupter-in-Chief is driving the left crazy
Savage Nation: Bernie Sanders is Karl Marx reincarnated and Occasional Cortex is his brainless acolyte
Buck Sexton: Tonight we find out if President Trump will declare a state of emergency
Savage Nation: New York City is going to give free medical care to illegal aliens
Rush to Reason: What will President Trump do tonight in his address to the nation?
Barry Farber: Democrats hate Donald Trump more than they love America.
1a: Why do we give a damn about hell?
Norman Goldman: Caller believes the Russians funneled their bribe money to trump through the NRA
Mornings on the Mall: Mary & Kevin talking about the biased TV network coverage of President Trump's speech to the nation on the crisis/invasion of illegal aliens across the southern border. Also the followup by open-border Dem, 'Sleepy-eye Schumer'.
Sean Hannity:  Sean, really, the Dems want to roll behind schumer & 'Clown-posse' Pelosi? President Trump made an offer and 'Clown-Posse' said 'No. President Trump walked out. Sean says 'Tell your Senator to build that wall'!
Rush Limbaugh: A so-called Republican analyst on CNN filed her nails while a guest detailed murders by illegal aliens
Mark Levin: Mark defends presidential consideration of an emergency declaration to build a border wall
Dennis Prager: CNN's Jim Acosta has revealed the effectiveness of the steel border barrier
John Gibson: A caller points out that Dems spent $2.5 billion for the Obamacare web site but can't spare $5 billion for the wall
Rush Limbaugh: Most supporters of open borders want cheap labor or guaranteed voters
The Dana Show: Florida Gov. DeSantis is expected to fire disgraced Broward Co. Sheriff Scott Israel this afternoon
Ark Midnight: John B. is live tonight, Second hour is with Carl Ortell investigating that little ole 'Clinton Foundation'. Ask your average Haitian how helpful the Clinton Foundation was/is.
Gun Talk: Tom interviews David Codrea, Author at 'The Truth About Guns'
discusses Dianne Feinstein (D)introduces bill to register all shotguns and rifles and semi-auto handguns confiscate all 20 & 30 round magazines, ban sale of AR-15s.
Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi has given Trump a great opportunity -- rent an arena and do a State of the Union address in front of supporters rather than a House controlled by delusional lunatics. Rush says he'd introduce him!
Armed American Radio: Mark mentions that TSA is 'security theater'. Every mass murderer has passed a background check, and gun banners like to expand a system that does not work.