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Brian Kilmeade: A guest says if Republicans can win 15 percent of the black vote, it will be hard for the GOP to lose a presidential election
Rush Limbaugh: The leftist media says Rush will make sure there's no expansion of gun control
Sean Hannity: To the leftist media, news isn't important unless you can use it to bludgeon Trump
Chris Plante: Given CNN's dismal ratings, why does Fredo Cuomo think people would know his name?
On the Edge: Thayrone is 'live' today & talking Red Flag Laws, unconstitutional and designed to punish you in all aspects of life. Dangerous, take his driver license, his property, his money, drug him, institutionalize him. Former Soviet Union,
Ben Shapiro: Ben says Israel made a mistake by barring anti-Semite congresswomen Tlaib & 'Omar'
Sean Hannity: Former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy says it's hard to believe Obama was not in on the attempt to subvert the Trump campaign
Glenn Beck: Glenn is 'live' today. He is interviewing Bill O'reilly. Bill says there is a rumor floated by people in the Trump Administration that President Trump may offer Denmark, cash to purchase Greenland. Cool
Gun Talk: Tom is live today. Good conversation about 'red flag laws' and how unconstitutional they are. Lawyers are $300 an hour to hire.Think about it when you have to hire one to defend yourself and property when a 'jackass' falsely accuses you via red flag.
Rush Limbaugh: Like Wile E. Coyote, everything the media tries to hurt Donald Trump blows up in their faces
Mark Levin: Mark says Rashida Tlaib is David Duke in drag
Rush Limbaugh: The president promises not to make law abiding citizens defenseless just to please gun grabbers
Mark Levin: A reporter who wanted to show how easy it is to buy a gun at Walmart ended up showing how hard it is to buy a gun at Walmart
Armed American Radio: Mark is live this evening, and reports that as many as 3800 crimes are 'Prevented' by law abiding people with Firearms everyday. Everyday reported by Center Disease control (CDC) (Gov) agency, reported to Obo after Sandy Hook, by his request, never released publically.
Chris Plante: Chris revealed that he married his 'best girl' over the weekend
Glenn Beck: Economically, President Trump wants a safe landing while the rest of the world wants to crash into the trees
Rush Limbaugh: Guest host Mark Steyn explains China's gangster economy
Rush Limbaugh: Lesbians don't like gay Mayor Pete because he's not a woman
Rush Limbaugh: Rush thinks John Bolton probably didn't like the Taliban being invited to Camp David
Chris Plante: NBC News brags about causing a CIA asset and his family to be relocated for their safety
Rush Limbaugh: Rush bores millions by talking about some overpriced new Apple phone
Chris Plante: Their love of abortion drives Democrats into a tailspin of ever-increasing insanity
Rush Limbaugh: Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) says trusting Iran & North Korea is like trusting a Jussie Smolett police report
Chris Plante: The congresswoman who thinks man landed on Mars thinks a colleague called her an idiot. He didn't, but he wouldn't be wrong if he did.
Rush Limbaugh: The left is outraged that Trump is raising millions in (gasp!) California