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First Look: Keith is live this morning, discussing Dinesh D'sousa recent visit to Dartmouth college, and how the liberals on campus are still up in arms about his analysis of the failed obo presidency & comparison to Venezuela's Maduro,
Brian Kilmeade: Brian is live today and interviewing people at CPAC. He interviewed Chris Christie, they were discussing how could 'Lunch-bucket' Joe Biden could ever be a front runner in the democrat party, or beto O'rourke ? really ?
Ark Midnight: John B. is 'Live'tonight! He is interviewing the 'Motor City MadMan',Ted Nugent. Board member NRA, anti drugs, big President Trump supporter, 'America First' proud of it.
Great American talking politics and the next Civil war.
Chris Plante: Chris exposes an alleged scientist about global warming when he gets the guy to say the magic words 'ninety-nine point nine percent'
Glenn Beck: Glenn says the new pro-life film 'Unplanned' is fantastic
Rush Limbaugh: Guest host Mark Steyn says the choice for Republicans is win with Trump or don't win
Info Wars: Alex is back from Vacay & interviewing Tommy Robinson. How will the democrat party convince muslims to embrace full term abortion, a plank on the democrat party platform?
Lars Larson (National): Lars is Live tonight. He is interviewing Brian Westbrook, on the Facebook empire failing as Zuckerberg is purchasing other apps to stay relevant. Also, Democrats bringing back the 'net-neutrality' act stupidity because they are communist.
Rush Limbaugh: Guest host Mark Steyn reports that the Democrat resolution against anti-Semitism has been watered down enough to appease the supporters of anti-Semites
Mark Levin: Mark details the media's lies about President Trump's Charlottesville comments
Buck Sexton: Feds went after a Philadelphia DA who acts like a public defender
Ark Midnight: John B. is 'Live' tonight and interviewing Lt.Colonel Anthony Schaffer. Loonies( Dems) in congress want 16 year olds to vote in the next Presidential election. John also laments the passing of 'Airwolf' Jan Michael Vincent, age 73.
John Gibson: It's more than clear that there were bad people on all sides in Charlottesville
Sean Hannity: Remember that even ex-FBI boss Comey called the infamous dossier 'salacious and unverified.'
Rush Limbaugh: Rush doesn't believe a disappointing Mueller report will stop crazy Dems for a second
Rush Limbaugh: Rush is back today, he is discussing the pressure put on Boeing and President Trump to ground the 737MAX-8. He is talking aviation and economies of scale. Also how beto francis O'Rourke crashed and burned in texas senate race
Info Wars: Alex is live today, discussing the shooting from New Zealand. Facebook Live-Streaming the shooting vid for 17-18 minutes world-wide. Matt Bracken Former Navy seal says this is the 'Facebook live-stream massacre'. Stewart Rhodes is also on live with Alex & Matt.
Ark Midnight: John B. is 'Live' tonight and interviewing Kevin Shipp former CIA operative. Warning of situation with China and all companies owned by the Chinese. John says recognize the corner the U.S is being painted into by the Chinese and it will be detrimental to the American way of life.
Gun Talk: Tom is live today, St.Patricks day, discussing the shooting in New Zealand, & how the 'non-second amendment' society there is ready to rollover, give up all firearms ownership & place hope in police with a 36 minute response time.
Rush Limbaugh: Fox News viewers know more about liberalism than CNN watchers
Mornings on the Mall: Mary and Vince talking about Ted Koppel and Ted saying "The New York Times and Washington Post have both “decided as organizations” that President Trump is bad for America." Ole Ted is becoming a 'Truther' 'Someone that tells the Truth'
Glenn Beck: Glenn is live today and interviewing David Steinberg about information Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) MN, may have married her 'Brother' Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in order to aid Elmi in obtaining citizenship. Can't make this stuff up, Somalia in U.S.
Chris Plante: A liberal writer warns that if given power, Democrats will try to ensure by law that they never lose another election
Mike Gallagher: Ted Koppel says President Trump is right when he says the media are out to get him
Rush Limbaugh: Dems can't win without changing the rules