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Chris Plante: Young people in Colorado upset that vigil for slain classmate is exploited by Dems
Mark Levin: Democrats are trying to force the attorney general to break the law
Armed American Radio: Mark is interviewing Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment foundation during the first hour. The NRA is in 'flux' with news of internal waste of money & 'wardrobe' expense accounts, lost money Colonel North is removed as president or NRA. Not Good
Mornings on the Mall: Mary & Vince interview Abbey,who was in the abortion movie recently and was protesting Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia, and attacked by PA state legislator. They discuss Melissa Alyano who recommends women cut off sex until abortion rights are restored. That helps Melissa, dipstick!
Chris Plante: Under oath, James Comey said there was no FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign
Rush Limbaugh: Rush says we should stick by Trump on China trade policy
Chris Plante: On CNN, a former Obama official interviewed a former Obama official about investigations of Obama administration misconduct
Rush Limbaugh: DemocRATS are blaming each other now that the heat is on over the silent coup against Trump
Dennis Prager: A caller says one-third of Trump supporters are racists or anti-Semitic
Sean Hannity: The Hill's John Solomon says a newly released document chain may give us key clues about the Deep State's assault on our republic
Info Wars: Alex is 'live' today, back from vacation, again, is interviewing Gavin McGinnis, who made a movie that points out how antifa attack normal people by throwing batteries and feces, then says conservatives are bad for speaking up. Bill DeBlasio is running for president(Ha), seriously.
Weekend All Things Considered: The pothole vigilantes are going to fill every pothole in the Bay Area. Give them money on gofundme
The Moth Radio Hour: The story of a black freedom fighter who is in prison and tries to free the white boy in the next cell
Bill Martinez Live: The pro life movement is making great progress
Stephanie Miller: It’s time for the 25th amendment to remove Trump for dementia - now back to Carpenter’s music
THE Italian House Party: Seems to now just be voice tracking... 8^(
FOX News Sunday: Is Joe Biden going to win the nomination?
Jesus Christ: David desired to go down a path of good conduct
Barak Lurie: Joe Biden is the establishment candidate, which really upsets the other Democrats
Ben Ferguson: Barr sits down for an interview - it covered a lot of different subjects
Beyond the Beltway: African Americans are the main victims of abortions
Armed American Radio: It’s the 5th annual conceal carry convention in Pittsburgh
Jim Rome: Jim wants your tweets and will reward you
Keeping It Real: Donald Trump wants to reimpose segregation and enslaving migrant farm workers
The Schnitt Show: Would it take a million troops to topple Iran?