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Why does this sign say "Belgian Wafel"?

Cup It

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Odd that the web site speels it Waffle
Belgian Wafels are round, Belgian Waffles are square
The signmakers union charges extra for the 2nd f
Similar, but... better !!!
Belgian Waffle is a trademark they can't use
Cuppin' sounds like something a teabagger does
Engrish isn't their first language
You can charge more for a wafel
How can I get a franchise?
Public school system
European spelling.
It's the Dutch speeling
Super size to a D cup
It's similar to a waffle, but different
It doesn't
To get you to their kiosk to tell them they're stupid, then you buy
Wafels are okay for vegetarians - no animal fat
Who the hell cares about Wafels?
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