October, the month for fear

Halloween, stock market crash, sexual assault charges from decades ago, nuclear war with China, Donald Trump having the 25th amendment invoked – everything to fear including fear itself

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Free Investment Advice

Just turn off the radio when anyone on radio wants to help you protect your life savings or your identity.


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Migrant caravan turned back by riot police at Mexican border!

Not the Mexican border with Texas, the border with a fence.


I guess that means the Guatemalans won’t arrive in time to vote in Texas for the Hispanic Irishman running against Ted Cruz.

“Corruption of elections stops when exponsed to bright sunlight”.

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Triton Digital being acquired by… Scripps?


With many of the streaming services no longer around, and with iHeart in bankrupcy and the Music Modernization Act rewriting how musicians are paid, Triton Digital, one of the largest provider of audio streaming is changing hands. Scripps (formerly half of Scripps Howard, the Newspaper and TV conglomerate) is acquiring Triton for $150 million in cash. Scripps has been unloading its radio properties, so this deal makes very little sense. Something must be going on behind the scenes with taxes or foreign ownership

Any ideas?

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Fear in Detroit

Conservative radio host Ben Shapito is pulled over by a police car for following another police car who is giving him an escort to the airport. The police car who pulls him over claims there are fake police cars in Detroit. It is a really bizarre story.

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Meet Cathy Hughes

When CBS (?) decided that WOL-AM in Washington DC was not a viable radio station in the 1980s, the station was sold to her husband. She ended up with a child, no husband, and a radio station with no revenue to pay for staff. She essentially ran the station by herself for many years, sleeping in the station, raising her son.

In 1999, money became available during the post-’96 merger mania, as the FCC and Congress were pushing hard to empower black owned radio stations. She formed Radio One, and later Urban One, the syndicated Black Talk network that still employs activist Al Sharpton.

Once her son graduated from college and went to work selling advertising, things improved. Her son now runs the company which is publicly traded if you would like to own a piece of black radio.

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Not just the United States

No report yet of the man in purple being arrested. Was he trying to suggest a 16 year old has no right to give birth?

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Making America’s Malls great again

Does Amazon accept EBT?

This is the situation in Metro Detroit, where I used to live

Detroit Free “you know what”

The key point is that lower income young people are terrorizing malls. Just a few days ago, two black punks (15 and 17 year olds) held up a shopper in the parking lot of SouthPark mall, the top “A” quality mall in Charlotte and maybe even North Carolina. They were quickly arrested, but the fear will ripple.

NorthLake mall in Southfield Michigan is described in the Freep article. In the 1980s, Southfield was the prime territory to find the people who fled Detroit or still had to live in the city limits for job reasons and shopped in Southfield. I think I was there once and felt decidedly unwelcome because of my light skin color. It was a long drive and I never went back. It is now owned by the city of Southfield and just like Eastland Mall in Charlotte, they can’t just do a tax sale and let market forces decide what to do. The purchaser must agree to a long list of demands like below market rent housing, so years go by and the property and surrounding neighborhood continues to deteriorate.

Much to the dismay of Countess, I have shares in Simon Property Group that specializes in “A” malls – not because I expect Donald Trump to make malls great again, but I think Simon has the clout and experience to repurpose the land to something valuable. It is off by 10%, while Amazon is up 133%. I consider SPG to be an AMZN hedge…

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President Trump: Bush’s invasion of Iraq was the single biggest mistake in US history

Courtesy of Buck Sexton and the Hill, President Donald J Trump lobs a rocket into Fort Bush


The only reason I saw this was it was mentioned in the Infowars newsletter. The limited reaction seems to be that people question the $7 trillion number that President Trump put out. They respond with – but the Pentagon says we only spent $1.5 trillion, completely missing the President’s point. President Trump is counting the economic damage and lives lost of all parties, not just government expenditures.

Here is the source of the $5.6 trillion in direct US government expenditures


While this analysis only talks about the expenditures after 9/11, the events of 9/11 alone were around $1 trillion. At least in part, President Trump is a 9/11 truther, which is why Alex Jones was very close to the campaign. While I don’t believe the elaborate Alex Jones conspiracy, I do believe the 9/11 attack was a direct consequence of the older Bush’s decision to liberate Kuwait in 1991.

In 2000, I was making management at NASDAQ uncomfortable by pointing out that our computer center was extremely unprepared for a terrorist attack, and our backup facility plan was little more than a show for the SEC with gaping holes like assuming key people were not killed in the attack, and it was possible to fly on a commercial flight from Connecticut to Maryland carrying magnetic tapes that would be created in the facility after the truck bomb destroyed the computer center. While the events of 9/11 were staggering in their success, I apparently was less surprised than most.

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Vicarious Hurricane Watch

 A Charlotte person who lived through Hurricane Hugo in 1989 had the opportunity to buy a decommissioned Coast Guard light house off the Southern Coast of North Carolina.

Somehow he has internet access and electricity on his now Bed and Breakfast Inn (it has 8 bedrooms below the helipad) and has set up a live YouTube feed

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