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The final resting place for summer awaits your randomness

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Alex Jones banned from iTunes and Facebook

Feeling the hubris of reaching $1 trillion in market capitalization, Apple has pulled down 5 of six of Infowars / Alex podcast libraries in order to protect people with differing opinions.

iTunes does not host the actual libraries, it just indexes them for searching and download

In a related story, our friend Candace Owens decided to take the venomous anti-white, anti-male, anti-heterosexual hate tweets of Sarah Jeong, the new member of the editorial board of the New York Times – and posted them verbatim except replacing the word “white” with “Jewish”.

Candace Owens Swaps “White” For “Jewish” In Sarah Jeong Tweet, Gets Suspended

That quickly earned her a 12 hour posting ban. Since the original Sarah Jeong tweets were never pulled down, it nicely proved the point that Twitter hates hate speech, except when directed at white people, Christians, heterosexuals, and other reprobates. In response to reaction to their action, Twitter backed down – this time.

Perhaps because they don’t know that President Trump gets his daily intelligence briefings from Alex Jones, or perhaps because they do know – expect the President to single out Facebook for unpleasantness.

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Politico stoking race war within House leadership

One name they are pushing is Jim Clyburn, the father of former FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn.

This video clip would be useful for Republicans

As the #3 democrat in the House, most searches indicate his most notable accomplishment is the fish fry he organizes in South Carolina.

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Today’s overflowing news bag (per Tom Taylor)

Craig Karmazin (son of Mel, formerly of Infinity Broadcadting, CBS and SiriusXM) really likes spending money on sports. He is buying WTMJ-AM (and recently acquired translator) and an FM music station in Milwaukee for $16 million. The seller is Scripps who has made it clear all their radio properties are for sale. WTMJ was owned by The Milwaukee Journal and transferred to Scripps when they merged and divided up the broadcast media properties from the Newspapers. It seems likely WTMJ will abandon Conservative talk in favor of the All Spork, all the time format.

Larry Wilson, who created Citadel Radio after the 1996 Telecom Reform Act by acquiring small market radio stations is leaving his role at Alpha Media, his second bite of the apple of radio immortality. After he left Citadel, the company acquired ABC Radio and immediately rushed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, followed by its acquisition by Cumulus on the way to its bankruptcy.

The business plan for Alpha seemed to be if you acquired a big enough portfolio of tiny market stations that the sheer quantity of stations would make for a profitable IPO. Iheart and Cumulus failing and CBS leaving radio suggest that is unlikely to happen.

Les Moonves at CBS may have #metoo problems

Post bankruptcy Cumulus stock is being relisted on NASDAQ on Wednesday. It is not technically an IPO.

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You can feel secure now

The process of getting a free security certificate finally got easy enough that I turned on full time https secure connections. No more man in the middle attacks or NSA snooping! I feel sure the EFF did not leak the private encryption key to the government.

Let me know via email if you have problems and cannot login here.

If you think getting the cert proves anything about the reputation of the web site, the only piece of data I had to give was my gmail address.

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It’s Official – 2020 RNC convention coming to Charlotte

Too bad the new Amtrak station won’t be ready for 6 years.

The transcontinental railroad was built in 6 years digging by hand and without CAD software.

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Changes in Philly

Iconic B103 in Philadelphia is beeing sold to Entercom (CBS) and Entercom’s Country WXTU-FM is being sold to Beasley. The bottom feeders are devouring the whales

Inside Radio report

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Big improvement at FCC Website

Ajit Pai’s support of a free internet is bearing fruit. This has quietly been happening, but shows what a new leader can do.

FCC Chairman Pai has been working with broadcasters to get rid of pointless obligations or at least make it easier. The most dramatic is ending the requirement for every radio station* to maintain a staffed office during business hours to make available the Public Inspection File to anyone that wanders in. Unless the station is very odd, the only person who would ever do that is an FCC inspector asking in order to issue fines and justify their position.

The FCC dangled the carrot that the FCC would provide cloud storage for stations to upload their program logs, EEO reports and political advertising filings. The result is most of what anyone might want, including a contour map, application history and office address and phone number – all in one place.

To use this feature, the station must have a web site, and the web site must point a link to their page at the FCC as in

The FCC also previously required every station to have printed copies of an FCC publication called “The Public and Broadcasting” available to employees and visitors – that the FCC has now made available online here. This ended this self-serving requirement, now that we all have those Interwb Tubes to study it online. Note that the document has not been updated in 10 years.

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More train action than you can shake a stick at

The blue elevated line is the Tokyo Monorail built for the 1964 Olympics

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One of the many non-financial corporations based in Charlotte is Nucor. While at the airport, we saw their private jet being stowed in the hangar. The registration on the tail was how I discovered the owner.

Nucor is a competitor of Steel Dynamics, which I wrote about around 2 years ago. They gather up scrap steel and take it to electric arc furnaces.

Since I followed my hunch, the stock is down 7%.

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