The Future

It should be apparent to everybody that I have lost 99% of my interest in radio, and this website is sitting here only to transition to something else.

This is still very much a work in progress, and no guarantee it will ever amount to anything, but with the sudden interest in the breakdown of the supply chain, I’m accumulating and documenting my knowledge about the shipping business.


If the page appears to be empty, change the orientation of your mobile device to be horizontal.  The section on the Port of Los Angeles is the most complete and probably of the most interest currently.


Port of Los Angeles

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Fuck Howard Stern

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Another Anti Vax host dies from Covid

Mark Bernier has died

This comes just a few days after former Westwood One Phil Valentine died of Covid.

Phil Valentine dies

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Democratic Party lobbyist to take control of NAB

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) goes back to the 1923 and they essentially wrote the 1934 law that governs what the FCC does, as least as it regards radio broadcasting.  Prior to the creation of the FCC in 1934, regulation of radio was the responsibility of the Commerce Department, and then the Federal Radio Commission in 1927.

RCA and General Sarnoff’s NBC network had a huge say in how broadcast radio would be governed, including creating the code of conduct.  The unspoken mission statement of the FCC is protect the interests of those that already have licenses and patents, which is framed as operating in the “public” interest.  This false narrative is most clearly recently seen in the battle over low power FM stations.

At the end of  2021, the man taking over the NAB is a former Democratic party lobbyist, intellectual property lawyer, and strategist for Barack Obama who claims that the regulation of radio is bipartisan and needs to be a level playing field politically.  Does that sound a little like the fairness doctrine?

The issue facing the radio business for almost a hundred years is the question of how much,  if anything, radio stations should pay artists to play their recorded music over the air.

Mister LeGeyt was a senior aide to Senator Patrick Leahy, who authored the Performance Rights Act back in 2010 that proposed ending the radio “free ride” on the back of musicians who often got no royalties – until the NAB insisted that Sirius and XM had to pay for music, because they needed to be stopped.  I have read that the United States is one of only three countries that has no requirement to pay musicians for using their music on the radio.

In an ironic twist, when American artists have their music played in the European Union, they are entitled to get royalties, but because there is no reciprocal agreement, the American musicians get nothing.

Senator Leahy is the Senator Pro Tempore, making him very influential.   In the line of Presidential succession, he is third, behind Vice President Kamala Harris and speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The fox is in the hen house. Will they realize it in time?  With complete control, if a Performance Rights Act does not go into law, it is because old white Democrats want to screw over the female black Motown musicians who live in poverty.

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Who is Jesse Kelly?

Tonight, at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time, the final step of the transition from Rush Limbaugh takes effect.

On the Premiere Radio Network, owned by iHeart, Buck Sexton had been the host from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. competing with Mark Levin, who works for Cumulus media.  Buck is now teamed with Clay Travis in the former Rush Limbaugh time slot on Premiere.

That left a hole that needed to be filled, although Joe Pags already has a show on Premiere. They could have just combined the two audiences, but that’s why you have a VP of programming to justify doing their work.

Jesse Kelly is another podcaster (like Dan Bongino) who sees over the air radio as an opportunity, while other syndicated conservative talk show hosts have done the opposite.

Jesse Kelly has been doing a local show on iHeart-owned KPRC in Houston Texas since 2018.  He is also written some stories for the the Federalist an online Conservative magazine.

His main claim to fame is he ran twice for the US House in Arizona in the same year (2012) and did not win either time.   The first time, he ran in a special election to replace Gabby Giffords, who was shot in 2011.  Jesse Kelly won the primary, but lost against the Democrat.  He then decided to enter the primary for the redrawn second district, but withdrew prior to the primary.  He has since relocated to Texas.

Jesse Kelly is an Iraq war veteran.  In November 2018, he was “permanently” banned from Twitter without explanation and reinstated the next day.

Since many AM stations have to reduce power at sunset, a syndicated show from 6-9 PM ET is not going to have much of an audience in the winter, but it’s the middle of summer so he has a few months to prove himself.  The ability to stream programming, in the proliferation of FM translators might help the show have a year-round audience.



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Pratt on Texas got the Cancel Culture axe

You probably have not heard of Robert Pratt unless you live in Texas. He took over the time position on several stations that were previously held by Michael Reagan. That’s how long he’s been on the air.

Back in January, townsquare ended his employment without any warning. Townsquare went through bankruptcy last year.  They are primarily owned by oak tree capital, who has taken an enormous bath investing in multiple radio station owning corporations after the 1996 Telecom reform act was signed by President Bill Clinton.

His show is now relegated to a country music station and a Christian station for 1 hour a day.

I don’t know if it is overt or just the algorithm or maybe a mistake on my part, but streaming radio guide is completely invisible in Google at this point.

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Betting on Radio

Audacy, the former CBS and Entercom radio properties, has decided that the future of sports radio is talking about gambling. I’m shocked I tell you.

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The Clay Travis / Buck Sexton show is here

So, the first edition of The Rush Limbaugh replacement show is complete and ready to go to the museum of radio history.

So what did you think? Is anybody out there?

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FCC migration from CDBS to LMS

This is nerdy stuff that you’re probably not interested in, but it has become apparent that this change at the FCC is going to affect this website.

The cdbs system dates back to about 1978, when the FCC first started computerizing its records maintained on 3×5 index cards using typewriters and whiteout. CDBS is the primary data source that I have relied on for 20 years.

LMS has a broader scope.  There are many aspects of managing licenses (like the analog to digital TV conversion, political advertising rules, foreign ownership) that don’t easily lend themselves to an ancient computer system that was mimicking a filing cabinet system with folders going back to the 1930s.

The focus of cdbs was processing applications, not providing current information about license information. I can tell from the outside that there were a bunch of unconnected systems cobbled together to provide that type of information, but with very slow response times and often missing data.

It’s apparent that some recent updates that appear in LMS are not appearing in CDBS any more.

In the short term, the transition from Rush Limbaugh to his replacements is my primary focus in the coming two weeks, however the LMS system could be a lot of work.

Until then, don’t rely solely on recent license changes by accessing cdbs links.





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Ric Edelman says goodbye

Ric Edelman has been doing a weekend radio show for 29 years.  He just announced he is done doing the radio show.

Ric’s company has grown to 1,500 employees.   He will be leaving his company and will shortly end his show in the fall.

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