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FCC Saves AM radio!

73 pages of changes AM stations can buy or move existing translators up to 250 miles In 2017, a one time option to acquire new FM translators on ANY available FM frequency Approval of wider use of transmitters that vary … Continue reading

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Memo to Conservatives: I am not your slave

The jobs report came out today. Conservative radio hosts are frothing at the mouth how awful this proves America is, especially under President Obama. Hello? That number includes everyone over age 16, including people on Social Security and retirement pensions. … Continue reading

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My Free Google T-Shirt

The fact that a 2XL T-shirt easily fit in my condo mailbox gives a hint at just how flimsy the material is, unless maybe it is carbon nanotube fibers. Time Warner has generously offered to let me remain a customer … Continue reading

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Dead Bear found on campus of NC State University In unrelated news, black bears were sighted in the City of Charlotte

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Geoff Edwards dead at 83

I remember him as host of several TV game shows in my youth. He also had a radio career at KFI-AM in Los Angeles and several other stations. Tom Taylor recalls in his newsletter that Tom Leykis was responsible for … Continue reading

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“You don’t have to wear makeup on radio”

Jim Lange, best known for the Dating Game TV show back when men and women dated each other has died at age 81. Part of his career had been working in radio.

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Angelo Henderson dead at age 51

Angelo worked at WCHB-AM in Detroit, the “black talk” radio station owned by Radio One. He was on the same station as the better known Mildred Gaddis, who we’ve discussed a few times. His show was in the database and … Continue reading

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Bob Grant dead at 84

Michael Savage mentioned the recent news that Bob Grant has died – he actually died New Year’s Eve. Bob’s weekend show quietly ended last summer and he has been in declining health. Bob is now eating at the banquet table … Continue reading

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Screw owner dead

Al Goldstein, founder of Screw magazine has died. The story mentions the interesting detail that at one time he was the driver for Walter Winchell.

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Sheila Stewart dead in early morning car crash

Sheila Stewart was the news person on the Tom Joyner radio show. She was killed on interstate 20 in Atlanta when, according to police, her car came to a complete stop in the middle of the lane she was driving … Continue reading

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