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Clark Howard hospitalized Clark Howard needed to have a chat with Don Imus. Imus has made warning the public about the overtreatment of benign prostate cancer his mission in life. Rhabdomyolysis is the situation in which your kidneys are overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Hello Dolly!

Dolly Kyle popped up on Alex Jones Friday. She knew Bill Clinton from their teenage years. She wrote a book for Worldnet Daily. Unlike most of the other anti-Clinton women, her ire is aimed mostly at Hillary, not Bill, with … Continue reading

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Alex Jones has arrived

The bigger world is starting to know who Alex Jones is. The Republican nominee knows who he is and doors are opening. On Thursday’s show, he did most of an hour with Milo with a very warm and interesting conversation … Continue reading

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Alex Jones meets the Police Chief of Cleveland Alex got a little pushy with the Commie Scum outside the convention, and a little skirmish broke out. Unknown to Alex, he was only a few steps away from the Police Chief of Cleveland. When the pushing started, Alex … Continue reading

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Alex Jones makes a huge error

Alex Jones is spreading himself too thin. He stated on yesterday’s show he used to work 18 hours a day. His 4 hour/day show would be much better as a 2 hour show with careful show prep. Yesterday he started … Continue reading

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The case for GMOs

Vitamin A deficiency kills a lot of children, and leaves much of the developing world with night blindness. I have night blindness, which may or may not be caused by Vitamin A Deficiency. (VAD) the list of foods that contain … Continue reading

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Is Alex Jones right about 9/11?

It troubles me greatly when the distance between theories of Alex Jones and the facts begin to narrow. His basic premise is that the US Government was involved with bin Laden and aware of the 9/11 attack ahead of time … Continue reading

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Iraq turns to crap

While President Obama was busy working on his left hook on the golf courses of Hawaii, Islamic militants were taking control Of several cities in Iraq. John F’ing Kerry says the US will help Iraq as long as no troops … Continue reading

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Is JP Morgan Chase preparing for economic collapse?

This may be a first – American Banker magazine refuting a story being spread by Alex Jones ( and Zero Hedge

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Who is crazy now?

Forbes story Alex Jones is talking about DHS buying up 1.6 billion bullets, many of which are hollow point, which are outlawed for military use by international treaty. So you might be saying “Alex Jones? Pffft… Rachel Maddow told me … Continue reading

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