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Is Donald Trump going to cause a baby boom?

After World War two ended, couples (including my parents) were deferring thoughts of family stuff, and the pent up demand broke loose with a boom felt around the world. I have the sense that the 44th president, whose name I … Continue reading

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The really big deal about Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank owes $14 billion to the United States for its role in 2008 mortgage fraud crisis. The bank says it was thinking $3-4 billion and it won’t pay. The reality is it can’t pay even if it wanted to. … Continue reading

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Broad Selloff

No, not Hugh Hefner or Melania Trump There have been lingering rumors that Deutsche Bank in Germany is on the verge of collapse. North Korea exploded another nuclear bomb. Hillary has a glint in her ear. The Congress is ready … Continue reading

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Theresa May Brexit

David Cameron said originally that he would linger on as Prime Minister, but not take any action to actually Brexit and leave it to the next Prime Minister. Forces in Europe were very loud that this was unacceptable. They can … Continue reading

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Missing the message

A guest in John Batchelor was a classic case of “projection”, where you inject your own opinions onto other people, believing they share your motivations. The guest said multiple times that the motivation of the people who voted for Brexit … Continue reading

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Brexit for Breakfast

My hypothetical question turns out not so hypothetical. England and Wales voted to leave the EU, Scotland and Northern Ireland want to stay. It’s pretty logical that proximity to the channel tunnel might be a factor. I wrote back on … Continue reading

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Today’s mass casualty in Germany

As the details emerge, the first reports start getting corrected. The BBC seems to be reporting details omitted by other version. The event at a cinema started when a woman called police that there was a man wearing a mask … Continue reading

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Why a vote for Brexit won’t matter

If the Thursday vote results in a majority voting for Britain to leave the EU, it will have as much effect as electing Republicans to repeal Obamacare. The vote has no legal effect. It is only an advisory vote. The … Continue reading

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Pro immigration British MP stabbed and shot 3 times using homemade gun Shooter is in custody.

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Bilderberg Weekend

While we were busy trying to find out if Omar Mateen is gay, the Bilderberg group was meeting in Germany to discuss the state of the world, including that pesky Donald Trump guy. Alex Jones is clearly one of … Continue reading

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