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Cell Phone / PDA specific problems

Ask away – maybe someone knows the answer

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Basic Toolkit for testing

Most of the visitors here use Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and Windows Media player to listen to streams.   For reasons I don’t fully appreciate, the testing opportunity seems to be attractive to people who are anti-Microsoft and want to prove to me … Continue reading

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Testing “Unknown” items

I’ve made a tweak to direct people away from one of the traps that I created. When testing an “unknown” schedule item, if you had clicked “Yes, I heard Unknown!”, all that did was make it so nobody will ever … Continue reading

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NATO bombs school for Down’s Syndrome children No word if this was really a baby milk factory in disguise.   No report yet from President Obama on whether Republicans were behind this attack on children with Down’s Syndrome.

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Chavez faces fury from the Left

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez has “betrayed the international revolutionary movement” for arresting a FARC supporter and turning him over to the Columbian government

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150 dead in Army/Rebel clash in South Sudan Could this violence prevent the separation of North and south Sudan?

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UN to Phillipine Muslims – stop using children soldiers The UN sure has a lot on it’s plate to deal with… Now it wants Muslim rebels in the Phillipines to “wean” themselves away from arming children soldiers

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Yemen’s President says No, civil war to erupt The deal for him to leave the country in exchange for immunity has fallen through. Let the freedom fight begin.

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UN to Nepal: Pass a Constitution or else Maoist rebels and the Government still have not come to terms and the deadline is less than a month away

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US State Dept to Sri Lanka over war concerns An assistant Secretary of State is headed to Sri Lanka to try to defuse the threats of resumption of the Tamil led civil war

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