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The FCC has 462 different forms online

Around 1973, I spent a summer working as an intern at my local Social Security Office.    The thing you learn quickly about the government is you can’t get anything done without the right form.   Among my tasks were to update … Continue reading

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I wonder if the FCC would hire me…

Part of President Obama’s directive to remake government is to have agencies open up their databases to the public. The FCC about two weeks ago brought out a totally new – at least the facade is new. Behind the … Continue reading

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The War on Shakira

I’m losing my grip on reality. This is a video of musician Shakira in Morocco at the Mawazine music festival. Shakira is from Colombia (the country in South America) performing her song “Waka Waka” in English in Morocco in an … Continue reading

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Remembering Some thoughts about war and Libya from the Left. John McCain repeated in the past few days that the mistake in Libya is President Obama should have used more force and put troops on the ground. I’m so glad … Continue reading

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Will we find the Benghazi killing fields? So the thought process of the Free Libya “rebels” goes something like this: His skin is black, and he is wearing a yellow hard hat – therefore he must be a mercenary – have him kneel down on the … Continue reading

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Drifting in Benghazi This is one of those news stories that doesn’t say anything, but also says everything.    The meaning is found in between the lines and what isn’t said. The male youth of Benghazi are frustrated.   “Drifting” cars is a long … Continue reading

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Spain: Arrest warrants for 1989 deaths in El Salvador In the new paradigm of using lawyers to provoke conflict in the name of peace, the bankrupt Spain has made prosecuting the military of El Salvador for alleged killings of so-called “priests” in 1989. If you’re wondering “Why … Continue reading

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Bill Press loves the sound of Baudot

Back in the 1960s, sometimes TV stations would run a loop of a wire service Teletype – typically a model 15 to pretend they were somehow connected with a timely news feed.    Teletype machines had a mechanical print head that printed at … Continue reading

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Serbia: Clashes erupt over arrest of Mladic Ratko Mladić was indicted in 1995 by the toothless “International Tribunal for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law Committed in the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia since 1991″ for so-called war crimes.   He was … Continue reading

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The futility of the ICC

The International Criminal Court unduly ratcheted up the civil war in Libya by bringing charges against the Libyan government prior to the conclusion of the conflict. The ICC is a hopeless mess.    The idea was based on the general notion … Continue reading

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