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Geithner threatens to leave over debt ceiling issue Wow, it’s almost like the Obama administration wants the country to destroy itself.

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S&P threatens to destroy the United States

If Congress fails to raise the credit limit, S&P says they will immediately drop the US bond rating from AAA to D, the lowest possible rating. Moody’s says they would drop the rating to Aa. Not raising the debt … Continue reading

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Who polices the police?

Why would police destroy evidence if they thought they did nothing wrong?

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Fresh Produce in Palm Beach, FL

Now for your random amusement WRMF is in Palm Beach, Florida.

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Who really attacked the Intercontinental Hotel?

The Intercontinental hotel in Kabul was holding a two day conference to discuss the details of how to withdraw NATO forces from the country. Back on June 6th, you may remember that Afghanistan’s leader Hamid Karzai threatened NATO with attacks … Continue reading

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Radio Station Money Pit

Nassau Broadcasting is a really sad story.  Profile here Nassau from everything I can tell was a successful local radio station operator in Princeton New Jersey – but the owner got swept up in the merger mania and tried a … Continue reading

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The end of Public Broadcasting in New Jersey

Governor Christie has achieved his goal of ending New Jersey state government’s role in running Public Broadcasting outlets. There are two different aspects to this change – TV and Radio. There was very little political opposition to ending NJN radio … Continue reading

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The “Conservative” founders of America

My teeth clenched as I heard Michele Bachmann pronounce that she was running for President to carry forward the idea of the  “Conservative Founding Fathers”. At the time of the American Revolution, the politics of England and mirrored in the … Continue reading

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“Migrants” being kidnapped in Mexico

I was checking up on WADO’s baseball affiliations, and noticed a picture in their news stories with a train, which caught my eye, of course 🙂 80 migrants kidnapped or a poorly done Google Translation to English The picture shows … Continue reading

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The woman who now rules the world

IMF has new head

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