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Local Radio/TV responsible for $87 quadrillion in GDP Well, not really – but this industry “study” takes a huge leap from the $60 billion that are in the Radio and TV business and apply a “ripple effect” multiplier that says 20 times that is contributed to national … Continue reading

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Truck Driver IDed

After 72 hours, the Police have released the identity of the driver that slammed into the Amtrak train. The delay was so the family could be notified lawyers could be hired. News Story 43 year old Lawrence Ruben Valli … Continue reading

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Railroad Crossing gate “magic”

Crossing gates existed long before computers and integrated circuits. They work using mechanical relays. That’s a good primer. The oldest type work based on the same principle as block signals. You create an electrically isolated section of track – … Continue reading

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Radio Goldfeld is gone

Back in April, I wrote about the unusual case of Senator Harry Reid putting pressure on the FCC to give an FM license to a person who had ignored the FCC licensing rules A month later, an application was … Continue reading

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Calling all patriots! “Patriots” in this case meaning “we think taxes are Unconstitutional!”. This thing has been bouncing around the courts for several years. WOGF-FM is in the hands of a bankruptcy court, and officially silent. The transfer of the station to … Continue reading

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Auto Glass Replacement

One of the top advertisers on radio is a company that replaces auto glass. It’s a mystery why this is and I don’t like unresolved mysteries. Just how big is the auto glass replacement business and why advertise on radio? … Continue reading

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Amtrak crash in Nevada

So Al Queda has made it clear targeting passenger trains in the United States is a tactic they plan to use. This is the second incident where a truck driver went through a gate and drove into the … Continue reading

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Polkas on radio

WTKM-AM is being sold. Around the country, there still a handful of stations that stand out as not corporate cookie cutters – KCAA-AM, KTAE-AM, WBCR-AM, KHCR-AM, WMEL-AM come to mind. Another you may bump into if you do a lot … Continue reading

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295-123 – House rejects Libya war authorization

Now comes the vote to cutoff funding – a ruse to pretend to cutoff funding without actually cutting off funding.

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Paul Revere, the maker of bells The Boston Globe (owned by the NY Times) celebrates this historical bell being moved – this one cast in 1801 by Paul Revere. You mean you didn’t know Paul Revere was in the bell making business?

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