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Who is David Welch? I knew sooner or later Bechtel would show up in reasons for the Libya “revolution”. Al Jazeera has a video recently posted on YouTube as the “rebels” are going through the files of Qaddafi’s compound in Tripoli. David Welch … Continue reading

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Talking Honestly

Paterson NJ: 32.90% African American 13.20% White Vermont: 0.76% African American 98.12% White Both are being ravaged by Irene’s floods. President Obama will be visiting New Jersey.

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“Big Changes” at WOR

Now that Mr Buckley is buried and all the speeches given, there is no time to lose changing everything at WOR-AM You could have missed my post on Sunday about Ron Kuby!showing up for Steve Malzberg on Friday, and being … Continue reading

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Tripoli: We think Islamists are taking over In a completely unexpected turn, the “rebel” fighters in Western Libya are being pushed aside by troops backed by Qatar (the home of Al Jazeera)…  the rebels are showing signs of potential to fragment around traditional tribal lines, and … Continue reading

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Tracking Media Bias – BATF head resigns

How do the various media outlets characterize what happened? The Hill – Rep. Issa gets his first scalp WSJ (blog) – Grassley, Issa: Shakeup Won’t Stop Probe of ATF WSJ – ATF Chief Reassigned After Troubled Gun Sting (Oh, he … Continue reading

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BATF head fired by Eric Holder If you haven’t been following this, BATF came up with this great idea – to prove how easy it is to smuggle weapons into Mexico, and then use that “evidence” as a basis for increasing regulation of guns within … Continue reading

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Shut up and be free! In the wake of the “lone wolf” shooting in Norway at the Labor Party’s Youth Training camp, major media outlets in neighboring Sweden are going to change their message boards to moderate all comments, to prevent people from expressing … Continue reading

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Libya: Now the massive civilian deaths start Okay, so now the “Rebels” have “control” of Libya. They’ve “killed their father” (not literally) and now they find out how hard it is to actually run a “free” country. It’s late August and blazingly hot. The bulk of … Continue reading

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Darwin Award nomination

News Story “On Monday morning, the body [of] one of three missing canoeists washed ashore in Plainfield, representing the second storm-related death in as many days. The man, without a life jacket, was swept away in a canoeing accident on … Continue reading

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RSS feeds and you…

I’ve stayed blissfully unaware of the potential of RSS, and am looking for suggestions about it. I’m suspecting that my neglect of RSS is causing a peculiar behavior – I’ll go for a week with almost no comments on anything … Continue reading

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