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Pam Am 103 and the Libyan “revolution”

There is a train of thought that killing Qaddafi is payback for Pan Am 103 – overlooking that George Bush and Englsnd arrived at a settlement of the issue in 2004…. Early on, Qaddafi’s chief of the Security Service mysteriously … Continue reading

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Too Smart for Radio

If you are on a College’s alumni mailing list, you probably notice that the stuff they mail you tells you about the New Professor they just hired – but rarely tell you about the Professors who have left.   The same … Continue reading

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LA Sheriff Dept Captain suspended,0,3302154.story The female captain was suspended after her voice was heard on extensive conversations recorded by Federal investigators where she was discussing drugs with members of the Crips street gang. The LA Times was unable to locate a photo of … Continue reading

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Moral Hazard

If you’re still fuzzy about what a “Moral hazard” is… NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, the fastest sperm of Mario Cuomo just had a news conference.    Expecting some push back for over reacting, he had his response ready.   One … Continue reading

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Now the Floods Begin

Oh, the humanity of it all Your browser does not support the video tag

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I <3 DRM + Microsoft + Apple

So with nothing else to do and the Mayor ordering that I may not leave my house due to the 25 mph gusts…..  I’m thinking… now would be a good time to “Transfer” my “stuff” from my XP to the new Windows … Continue reading

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Making up The Dream

The Detroit Free “you know what” reports the recent earthquakes and “Hurricane” Irene were sent from heaven by Martin Luther King Jr as a warning

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Irene, the novel – as of 4:20 PM (ET)

9:20 PM – first thunder, noticeably heavier rain. This is the first “outer band” – how dare it interrupt my Angey Birds update 10:15 calm, sporadic rain, oppressive humidity Time for sleep, hopefully not to end to the sound of … Continue reading

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Irene – 7 PM update

The sun is about to set.   What’s left of Irene is North of Virginia Beach.   Light rain is falling, but the colors on the radar are showing less and less angry colors. The main perceived threat here is the Housatonic … Continue reading

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Eye is on land in North Carolina

We all know from watching Willard Scott that the smaller and tighter the eye of a hurricane, the more dangerous it is. Your assignment, if you choose to accept it is to find the Eye of this Hurricane:

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