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Friday nights are for high school football

From now until winter, most small market stations carry high school football. Unlike college and pro football, most high schools want publicity and don’t block streaming of their games, making it pretty obvious what is going on. There is no … Continue reading

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Burger Wars

Glenn Beck was talking today (It’s Friday) about the changes at McDonalds and how stupid it is for them to try to go “upscale” and leave Ronald McDonald and assembly line meals behind. I don’t get out much any more, … Continue reading

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Would you pay $130 to buy an HD radio for your car?

This morning, WELI-AM (Clear Channel in New Haven) ran a commercial suggesting that it would be a great idea to go to Wal-Mart and buy a $130 Pioneer radio for your car.   They said to ask about it at the … Continue reading

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WJJG-AM says goodbye

I’m having trouble finding it, but about a year ago, I wrote a blurb with a picture of the driveway of WJJG.    It’s one of the AM stations way past the time to close the doors – kept alive only … Continue reading

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Anwar al-Awlaki is dead

He’s the guy who has been running around Yemen, organizing and inspiring attempts to attack the United States. Two days ago, the Yemini military head’s  convoy was hit by a suicide bomber who blew up next to the vehicles … Continue reading

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Keep an eye on Morgan Stanley Bloomberg has a story today about Morgan Stanley and the surge in the price of Credit Default Swap (CDS) contracts. A CDS is essentially an insurance contract to offload the risk of owning debt. Company “A” issues debt – … Continue reading

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The Five Pillars of DoD cybersecurity It sounds like the DoD Muslim outreach is going well – or was that NASA? Perhaps it’s just a random coincidence that someone would frame a program as “The Five Pillars of…” and be unaware of the fundamentals of … Continue reading

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Who is Wadah Khanfar?

Up until last week, he ran Al Jazeerah I’ve been on the CFR’s mailing list for years, although I rarely read it. Mostly I skim the headlines to see what the globslists are worried about or trying to propogandize

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If a dictator took over America, what would you do?

Let’s say hypothetically, 10 years from now – long after Barack Obama has retired and goes back to writing books – a future President or military leader seizes control of the Government, dissolves Congress and imposes martial law to deal … Continue reading

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Savage and edelweiss

I wrote about this before, but Savage is off on the German Nazi “edelweiss” thing again.    I can appreciate the pain that his family experienced from the Holocaust, living in New York after his parents fled Russia in the … Continue reading

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