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Is Bank of America about to go under?

Gabe Wisdom had a guest on who believes BofA is headed for a government takeover or bankruptcy. A few hours ago, the news mentioned that in a few months, BofA is going to add a $5 per month fee for … Continue reading

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Who is Ali Tarhouni?

From the video in another post, Ali Tarhouni is now the person from the National Transition Council of New Libya.  Being in charge of both the restarting the oil business and overseeing the $170 billion in assets in the Libyan … Continue reading

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Libya Update I stumbled on this today.   It covers a lot of ground about the NTC and the state of the oil business. It doesn’t have an obvious propaganda agenda, unlike the BBC, Aljazeerah and the British newspapers. The most significant … Continue reading

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Looking to Cyprus

I’ve referenced Cypus several times recently – speculating that if Greece falls into anarchy, Turkey likely will view that as an opportunity to take control of the entire island of Cyprus. Cyprus has a long history of being caught in … Continue reading

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KNRY-AM falls to Rome

KNRY-AM is one of those really unique AM radio stations with a long heritage. The station is located in Monterey California – location of “Cannery Row”. The station has devolved into carrying 3rd tier network programming like Business Talk Radio … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality to go into effect November 20

The FCC has published the rules on Net Neutrality – unless there is a legal challenge, the new rules go into effect in two months. What Net Neutrality is has been muddled by radio hosts trying to connect it with … Continue reading

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Testing basics….

Depending on my mood, I go back and forth on the issue of whether volunteer testing is actuallyhelpful or not – especially on weekends when things always change and there are so many traps to fall into for the person … Continue reading

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The Transformation of Baseball

At the age of 10 in 1965, I got my first job – selling copies of the Pittsburgh Press – I got to keep 1.5 cents for each copy I sold.   Many people were interested in reading about the baseball … Continue reading

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The aging of Talk Radio

Talk Radio as we know it is approaching Alzheimers.    When Rush Limbaugh started national syndication, he was 37 years old, younger than any of the top 25 today in talk radio. Look at who is in talk radio and how … Continue reading

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This is iHeartRadio concert weekend

Before Bob Pittman made Century 21 Real Estate and AOL household names, he was a young man programming radio stations and was very good at it. Now the VP of something or other at Clear Channel, he has rounded up … Continue reading

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