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NATO on Libya: Mission Accomplished

October 31st is the official end of hostilities with Libya’s former regime.   NATO has declared that the military effort is over and their job is done. In unrelated news, President Obama a few days ago announced that all US troops … Continue reading

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Economy booming, Whirlpool cuts 5,000 jibs Whirlpool, based in Benton Hatbor Michigan (closely connected to Fred “no light bulbs” Upton has announced it is cutting 5000 jobs due to slow demand and increasing material costs for its appliance products. Fort Smith Arkansas’s unionized plant will … Continue reading

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Radio One to launch All News FM station in Houston KROI-FM (92.1) in Houston is switching from Black Gospel music to All News on November 14th. This is a head scratcher – Radio One is the radio network that targets all of its programming only at Black Americans.   … Continue reading

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Failed registration purge

The user list of this system goes back to 2002 when the radio information was part of the now defunct The database contained about 15,000 “accounts” where the person submitted a registration request, but then never logged in to … Continue reading

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S. 978 – Let’s make “illegal streaming” a felony

AFTRA announcement Back in May 2011, AFTRA and other labor unions proudly announced their desire to make using copyrighted material without permission a Federal felony with a 5 year prison term.  That proposal is Senate 978, which has been reported … Continue reading

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Changing of the Seasons

Summer is over, the baseball stands are empty, no more Cracker Jacks, high fat hotdogs and government motors Chevrolets… Not to despair – America Loves Sports(tm) and you can never have too many sports. The National Hockey League (NHL) season … Continue reading

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Clear Channel player issues

I’ve gotten a smattering of reports of problems with Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio player to make me think there is a frequent issue with it. One of the more experienced testers has noticed that if you have two Clear Channel players … Continue reading

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Costs and companies that do streaming…

Someone at a radio station wrote me to ask what it costs to add streaming…. Right now, I don’t have the answer to that – I do know most of the companies that are involved in it, but never took … Continue reading

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World Series Game 7 tonight

Tonight is the end of Baseball Season, no matter what. In only slightly related news, Connecticut is expecting snow tonight.

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Jon Corzine in deep doo-doo

You remember him – he was the Goldman Sachs whiz kid who decided he no longer wanted to “Do God’s Work” and would rather run New Jersey and empty out its treasury.   If you see a picture of him, he … Continue reading

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