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The End of Westwood One

It’s a “done deal”.   All the Ts are dotted and the I’s crossed. Oaktree Capital is continuing to own more and more of what we used to call Radio.   Dial Global, which is a syndicator of satellite music feeds … Continue reading

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New York City gets the Dickey Axe

Tom Taylor reports that the Cumulus cost cutting machine hit New York this weekend.   Mancow had been hosting a weekend show.   He’s history for that local show. Scott Shannon is an obvious problem for Cumulus.   He was the VP of … Continue reading

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Wheezy Waiter: What’s a radio?

In the likely case you don’t know who this is, he lives in Chicago, used to be a waiter, has asthma and plays in a band.

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CFR on Libya: Don’t worry about that election thingy – it’s not like this was about Democracy

Here is the globalist “analysis” from the Council on Foreign Relations – which was probably written a year ago: “Elections held too soon after a civil war often end in violence, write Dawn Brancati and Jack L. Snyder in Foreign … Continue reading

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Qadafi reported captured Now let the real civil war begin…

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Buy a house, get a green card!

Well, my idea is taking root. Congress is looking at the idea of allowing people who spend at least $500,000 on real estate to get a green card. Let’s see – China owns about $1 trillion in US debt. $1 … Continue reading

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2 new streetcars arrive in Kenosha, WI

Paul Weyrich was an enigma. He co-founded the Heritage Foundation and its message of limited government and getting rid of wasteful spending. Before his death, he shepherded getting federal money to build this pointless streetcar “system” in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kenosha … Continue reading

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We get letters – lots and lots of letters

From today’s crackpot of the day, Vicki via Shame on you for stating Iran has nuclear weapons! Do you have proof? They use uranium for power and have to refine it for that. Your using misinformation to scare the … Continue reading

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Buying up “infrastructure”

There is a news story today that China might step in to temporarily postpone the debt problem in Europe by giving them a few billion euros in exchange for being able to start buying up the “infrastructure” of Europe. In … Continue reading

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457 radio stations carry Monday Night Football

America Loves Sports! ™ I adapted some of my old FindAnISP techniques to “scarf” up lists – Premiere and WestWood One have this technique of only showing you one state of affiliates at a time, which means it takes a … Continue reading

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