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Iran: Peace is at hand

So Iran “takes over” Britain’s embassy ala the US in 1979 under Jimmy Carter…  England expels Iran’s diplomats Mysterious explosions break out at Iran’s nuclear “research” sites.   Be Vewy Quiet. France calls for more sanctions on Iran and withdraws its … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck takes over San Francisco’s Green 960

This is a really big deal on so many levels. KKGN-AM 960 is called “Green 960”. It’s licensed to Oakland California and owned by Clear Channel Radio. Unlike the myth of “evil” Clear Channel by the left, Air America would … Continue reading

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More “Savage” un-history

For whatever reason, Michael “Savage” Weiner started off his show today trying to lump Barney Frank and Newt Gingrich as being just bookends on the opposite ends of the same shelf…  Newt being a person who has “spent his entire … Continue reading

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What is UNSPSC? Being the curious guy I am, after playing around with the food prices yesterday, I wondered if there is a [free] source that allows entering a UPC code (perhaps by using your iPhone to scan a barcode) and pulling … Continue reading

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Fitch “calls out” the fraudulent CDS market

“Fraudulent” is my choice of words, not Fitch. Fitch is one of the major credit rating agencies. This story is breaking in the London Financial Times. In the language necessary in their business, they are saying that the CDS (Credit … Continue reading

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“Survival” Foods

Time for plain talk. Nutritious foods are important for good health, calories are necessary for survival.   With all the “right wing” radio shows pitching “gourmet” survival foods, let’s talk about the reality of their doomsday scenario. The fundamental rule of … Continue reading

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The Real Enemy

We’ve been beating around the bush if you want the US Military to use force to reshape the world. Pakistan was the force behind 9/11, not Afghanistsn, Libya, Iraq or Iran (although they may have supported it to varying degrees). … Continue reading

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Starting Over, etc…

If you’ve been reading the blogs or paying much attention, you have noticed I’m paying less and less time and attention to talk radio.   There isn’t one host left who I think “I have to listen to this today or … Continue reading

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Who was Ali Tarhouri?

Two months ago, I wrote about the naive college professor from the United States who “returned” to Libya to “run” the oil ministry and finances. Who is Ali Tarhouri? My prediction was “I think it likely Mr Tarhouni doesn’t even … Continue reading

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Today in Despair: Hungary and Italy

The country of Hungary had its debt dropped to junk status today. Italy’s 6 month bill sale was a disaster, following on the heels of Germany’s failure to sell its bonds.    Italy had to pay over 7%,  more than double … Continue reading

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