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Freedom Road

I had a model of this Greyhound bus, having traveled the country on them as a child – back when bus passengers were atttactive hollywood stars wearing suits and ties and long dresses. If you have 40 minutes to kill, … Continue reading

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North Korea and the “3 generation rule”

The brief description of the 3 generation rule is that all dynasties will fail at the 3rd generation.   The original bright, smart, ruthless, driven “creator” of a company, empire, country will die – his son will live his entire life … Continue reading

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Happy Kwanzaa

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The Gate of Hell

Looking for a really unusual place for your next vacation? Consider Darvaza, Turkmenistan In 1971, Soviet drillers caused the collapse of an underground cavern, which swallowed the drilling rig.   Natural gas was coming from the crater, and it was lit … Continue reading

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“No Preroll Ads” option

On the “What’s on now” pages   (Streaming Shows and Streaming Stations) there is a new checkbox labeled “No Preroll Ads”. “Preroll Ads” is the jargon in the streaming business of those 30 second video ads (some times only audio) that … Continue reading

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“This is NBC Radio”

Say what ??? During testing, the guest host of Dirk Van’s FirstLight show ended with saying “This is NBC Radio”. Dirk Van’s show is syndicated by Dial Global, which now owns Westwood One (Jim Bohannon’s America in the Morning was also a … Continue reading

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Did Turkey burn down Greece’s forests in the 1990s? Any Cyrpus news today? In a few hours, there is going to be a news conference to announce if any Natural Gas has been found in the waters claimed by Cyprus. Over the weekend, I saw a video … Continue reading

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Tax the Corporations!

While listening to professional agitators heckling Mitt Romney on a video, there are three numbers that should be at the front of any candidate’s mind: From 2008: Total Taxable income of all US Corporations:    $978 billion Corporate Income Tax                                                 … Continue reading

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A big part of KQV-AM just died

KQV is a peculiar station.   It is in Pittsburgh, where I grew up.  The Call Sign starting with a “K” in the Eastern US and only being three letters tells you that the station was a very very early pioneer … Continue reading

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New York’s Lynn Samuels has died

The afternoon newsletter from reports that Lynn Samuels has died.   She was an entertaining woman of the leftist persuasion who enjoyed mixing it up with the Cosnervative men at WABC-AM. She has recently being working on Sirius/XM and … Continue reading

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