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America Loves Its Super Sports(tm)

When meeting someone new in Connecticut in a social context, it is not unusual to be hit immediately with the question “Yankees or Red Sox?”.   Give the wrong answer and your conversation is over.  Say you don’t follow baseball at … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich is a Marxist!

That’s the latest claim from he Voice of The Truth – Glenn Beck. This is added to the recent list that Newt probably consumes kiddie porn, likened his consulting for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to being a crack dealer,  … Continue reading

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Lou Dobbs turns in his notice

Populist TV host Lou Dobbs will be leaving syndicated radio at the end of February according to the Tom Taylor newsletter.  The program has been syndicated by one of the smaller independent syndicators. Lou Dobbs joins an ever growing list of … Continue reading

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A new voice on overnight radio starting Monday

Actually not a new voice, but a bigger one.   Back in 2009, CBS decided it could save money by putting Jon Grayson on its major market Flame Thrower AM talk radio stations (formerly part of Westinghouse) – KDKA in Pittsburgh, … Continue reading

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Runescaape DCMA update

Back in October, I wrote about the “Bot Nuke” of the online game called Runescape, which I had just recently started playing again.   Runescape was built by two college age brothers from England around 2001 and had grown to be … Continue reading

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What was Newt’s “ethics violation”?

I have to admit, I didn’t remember. In the era of “Get Newt”, the Democrats filed 84 charges against Newt, as well as chages from the FEC – alleging that Newt’s PAC did things improper.   All the charges were … Continue reading

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A NEW beginning for Washington DC

Washington DC has a new commercial radio station today – the all news CBS station WNEW-FM Continue reading

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FCC beats dead horse

The FCC decides to take legal action against an old non-viable AM radio station in the Pocono Mountains – what is the reason? Continue reading

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Andrew Jackson, Newt and Ron Paul

Newt would devastate Barack Obama if they are ever in a forum where knowledge of history is a factor.   Barack Obama missed learning all that American History we learned as children – to the extent he learned things in Hawaii, … Continue reading

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John Boehner on SOPA

As I was mumching on my unhealthy lunch of powered donuts, I heard the voice of Speaker of the House John Boehner talking about SOPA  (Stop Online Piracy Act) which would give the government the power to demand that all … Continue reading

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