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Did Glenn Beck cause the collapse of Bear Stearns?

I asked the question at the time if Glenn Beck contributed to the collapse of Bear Stearns in 2008, and today’s radio show forces me to ask it again more forcefully. Glenn had a guest on GBTV last night spinning … Continue reading

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Hostess Golden Cupcakes

What is behind the bankruptcy of Hostess Brands? Continue reading

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The symbolism is incredible….

Virtually the same hour that S&P was downgrading Italy and France’s credit, and the banks have given up on saving Greece, the luxury ship Costa Concordia – named after the hope for European Unity – on a cruise from Italy … Continue reading

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iHeart What?

In a world with over 9,000 streaming radio stations, how will people find the station they want? Continue reading

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Burying the lead

Tuesday is Republican Primary day in South Carolina. This poll shows the latest estimates and the trend. In a week, Ron Paul went from 9% to 20%, yet he is barefly mentioned in most of the news stories, and … Continue reading

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MLK Day could be a day to remember

Monday is the day the United States celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King, the black Republican Conservative American who pushed the US Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act – over the protests of the Southern Democrats, like Al … Continue reading

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Clear Channel drops “Radio” from its name

Bob Pitmann is all about selling brand and identity. A small quirk that I picked up on a while back – while iHeartRadio has radio in the name of the player, when you use the Clear Channel player it takes … Continue reading

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Who Owns Clear Channel? Who Runs Clear Channel? This was the Clear Channel description I wrote in late 2009 about the history of Clear Channel and the takover by Bain Capital and Thomas H Lee that closed in July of 2008. The main things that have changed … Continue reading

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Financial Flexibility In a world increasingly dominated by pools of money with  no obvious owner and no priority beyond generating as much income as possible – regardless of the effects on the communities and countries it affects, moves like Frank -Dodd … Continue reading

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Rush’s “Full Disclosure” about Bain Captial & Clear Channel

Timing is everything.    I was just sitting down to type a blog post saying the Rush really really needs to disclose that his paycheck is signed by Bain Capital.   That moment, he gave his “full disclosure” (Tuesday @ 2:14 PM … Continue reading

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