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Why do people dislike Rush Limbaugh?

You may have heard about the recent Harris Poll that said almost half of Americans think Rush Limbaugh is the News and Current Events personality they dislike the most: Harris Poll Results Now the details – Harris provided a list … Continue reading

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Progressive Talk Stations

This is a change I’ve resisted – splitting “news talk” stations into Progressive vs Conservative stations, but the time has come.   Since the failure of Air America and the migration of almost all so-called “Progressive” hosts to Dial Global, there … Continue reading

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Why do we have “Top of the Hour” News on Radio?

Why do some stations have news at the top of the hour and others don’t?   Is it a law?  an FCC regulation?   Tradition?  Because listeners expect it or want it? If you have done testing or just pay attention, there … Continue reading

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Cumulus swinging the axe at talk lineups

In the past few days, Cumulus has been pulling most of its news/talk programming in-house – specifically switching its stations to John Batchelor and Redeye Radio. They’ve also dumped Michael Savage on a few stations and replaced him with Mark … Continue reading

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Chuck Harder: Will We Ever Learn?

If you know or remember who  Chuck Harder is, he showed up during the third hour of Coast to Coast last night.   He was talking with George Noory partly about Area 51 – he mentioned working with George Knapp back … Continue reading

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K-Rock goes To Talk that Rocks

WRXK-FM is located on the Southern end of the Gulf Coast of Florida near Port Charlotte.  Up until today, it was mostly a hard rock station, with Bubba the Love Sponge anchoring mornings. This part of Florida is not a … Continue reading

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Pat McCrory and Me

In 1976, I decided to run for Student Government treasurer at Catawba College, concerned that the place was in a death spiral dominated by an emphasis on football, beer parties and infighting between the admnistration and  professors over being told … Continue reading

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Cumulus to put Huckabee against Limbaugh

Back when the Atlanta based Cumulus acquired Citadel Media (including the former ABC radio stations and syndication) with the mandate from the investors funding the deal to cut costs, I wondered out loud if Rush Limbaugh was going to become … Continue reading

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Protecting the Big Game ™ C/Net is reporting on the effort by Indiana, Indiannpolis, Postal Service and Federal law enforcement (including ICE) along with the efforts in Congress to put people in jail for unauthorized streaming of the big annual sporting event that takes … Continue reading

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