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My Supreme Court Obamacare prediction

In June, the Supreme Court will announce what it decided on Friday about Obamacare.   I’ve read through some of the oral argument transcripts and the theme is pretty clear. First the issues: The core concept of Obamacare is that you … Continue reading

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Clarence Thomas on Obamacare

Clarence Thomas votes “Present” When Thurgood Marshall retired from the Supreme Court in 1991, President George H.W. Bush was intimidated into nominating Clarence Thomas, fearful of the political firestorm if he didn’t nominate a black to the “Black Seat” … Continue reading

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DHS buying 450 million bullets, oh my!

Michael Savage isn’t the only one repeating this “news”. The story originated from Press TV, the Iranian national TV network. Note the above URL is for a web site in Iran. Their source? End of the American Dream, … Continue reading

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The Streaming Radio Guide Calendar

Welcome to the new Streaming Radio Guide Calendar. This Calendar is designed to communicate changes in the Radio Business that affect this directory and people who use it.   Any registered user can submit an item, but before you do, please … Continue reading

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A Peek at coming attractions This is very much a work in progress and may never see the light of day. It’s initial purpose is just a reminder list of me of upcoming changes to the radio business – future format changes, people whose … Continue reading

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A week until the launch of Huckabee

Monday April 9th is the launch date for the Cumulus Media Network’s direct competition with Rush Limbaugh. Cumulus has announced that in New York City, the Huckabee program will be carried on non-Cumulus station WOR-AM on broadcast delay in the … Continue reading

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Where in the world is Azerbaijan?

If you’ve listened to John Batchelor for a long time you’re aware of the significance in global politics of Azerbaijan and the oil and natural gas pipeline running through it. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the fomer Republics … Continue reading

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Bob Pittman: “Rush is Rush”

After a month, Clear Channel Radio CEO Bob Pittman made his public statement about the Rush Limbaugh and the White House coordinated advertiser boycott to force Rush off the air.   Not shockingly, it was not “The Speech Bob Pittman … Continue reading

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Who killed Shaima Alawadi?

  And will Gloria Allred and Al Sharpton get involved?    

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The Hunger Games

The movie The Hunger Games is out this weekend.   It’s right from the play book of the Alex Jones belief that the governments of the world are laying the foundation for a coming mass extermination of most of the world’s … Continue reading

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