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The purpose of banks

USA Today has this story today about President Obama’s choice to lead the World Bank Kim: Obama’s unconventional pick to lead the World Bank Mr Kim was born in Korea and raised in the United States.   For the past 3 … Continue reading

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OMG, the government is going to force you to be RFID’ed because of Obamacare!

Heard from a guest on the Laurie Roth show – one of the typical “right wing” “Christian” shows that think President Obama is Satan It isn’t true (at least the Obamacare part) The “Page 1001” referenced was in one … Continue reading

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Geraldo Rivera speaks out about Trayvon Martin Geraldo Rivera has a new radio show on KABC-AM in Los Angeles, and WABC in New York, and probably will be syndicated by Cumulus nationally soon.    He has said in public what I’ve been thinking but unwilling to say … Continue reading

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Clock Drift

When you see the time on the web pages, in most cases it’s actually showing your computer’s time – not the time of the’s web server. I should have realized this a long time ago, but the web server … Continue reading

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Eric Holder: We must Brainwash the children about guns So I was getting my daily dose of Alex Jones, and he plays the clip of Attorney General Holder announcing that we need to have every school start every day with the teachers giving the students anti-gun messages, and … Continue reading

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Sprint preparing to file bankruptcy If you were here a year ago, you may remember my story about looking into getting Clear 4G internet access which is a joint venture with Sprint.   Had I become a customer and been happy, my opinion might have … Continue reading

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Taxmasters files bankruptcy If you listen to radio a lot, you’ve certainly heard their ads – trying to get you to pay them a fee (in advance) to pick up the phone and call the IRS and make all your IRS problems … Continue reading

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The Speech Bob Pittman is not going to give

Here is my fantasy of what I would like Bob Pittman, Clear Channel’s CEO to say at a news conference. “Hello, My name is Robert Pittman.   I’m President and CEO of Clear Channel media, the parent company that owns Clear … Continue reading

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Top of the hour Radio News, part II

Today’s news (via the Tom Taylor newsletter) is that TRN’s America’s Radio News (ARN) which is now doing 15 hours a day of radio news, in cooperation with the Washington Times, is going to start feeding its own “Top/Bottom of … Continue reading

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Layer on layer of irony… or something

Well, now that we know that Michael Savage is officially on Premiere Radio’s list of unacceptable shows for a large swath of American businesses and Premiere has pulled all of its ads for two weeks on all stations (did maybe … Continue reading

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