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“They’re attacking me because I’m Latino”

Time for a Runescape / Jagex update for the two of you who slightly care :)…   or this post might be titled “The Browning of Runescape” Last Septemberish, I wrote about how the new owners of Runescape had taken drastic … Continue reading

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The FCC vs the NAB

The Revolution has started in full view, and will become obvious on May 1st, the traditional celebration of the Russian Communists held by the international labor unions. Julius Genachowski is the head of the FCC.  He is a close friend … Continue reading

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Google Vs the FCC This is gonna get ugly. The FCC decided to “Fine” Google for not answering its questions about their WiFi “snooping” while taking pictures of our houses. Google refused to answer the FCC’s questions.   The FCC has no legal authority … Continue reading

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Libya Progress Report

Out of sight, out of mind In preparation for upcoming elections, the NTC has banned meetings based on religion, ethnicity or tribal affiliations. Isn’t it great to see the US Constitution and Democracy come to North Africa!  Our Leader … Continue reading

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There are no secrets left Those of you who know my real name may find it amusing to search for the article in the Statesville Record & Landmark from October 28, 1971 – complete with pictures. It’s a paid site – you only get … Continue reading

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Diverse this!

New York City is getting a major major change.   This is a news story I bet you won’t hear Al Sharpton leading riots over. One of the largest “black radio” station owners (Inner City Broadcasting)  is in bankruptcy.   It … Continue reading

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It’s culture, not skin color

John Derbyshire’s story about going to an amusement park brought back memories of my visit in the 1980s to an amusement park called Boblo Island, a truly unique place.    It was located on an island out in the Detroit River, … Continue reading

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Burger King’s war on meat

Burger King is now owned by a venture capital firm from Brazil.    About a month ago, they started making radical menu changes, a subject probably of little interest. Today’s news – I thought I was hearing an Onion News spoof … Continue reading

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John Derbyshire – first casualty I’ve written in the past that I enjoyed listening to John Derbyshire’s podcast on Stitcher.   John is an immigrant from  the United Kingdom married to a bride from China (Leykis listener?). Up until a couple weeks ago, he … Continue reading

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Fox News / 2012 Election

The Top of the Hour radio news just proved again to me that if you’re looking for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp to lead a Tea Party Revolution, your aspirations are in the wrong place. The first item on the broadcast … Continue reading

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