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“They’re attacking me because I’m Latino”

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Time for a Runescape / Jagex update for the two of you who slightly care :)…   or this post might be titled “The Browning of Runescape”

Last Septemberish, I wrote about how the new owners of Runescape had taken drastic steps to “Nuke” the accounts using automated scripts to “play” the game to earn gold pieces (gp) which are then sold for real money and then sold back to people who want to “buy” their way into the game fast (probably to in tern be able to make real money), creating something of a ponzi scheme all by itself.

Jagex made itself techically an “American” company so they could go into a court in Boston in front of a friendly judge who threw the book at the most successful of the bot makers.   The owner of that company went to work for Jagex, supposedly to help them fight people making bots.   He turned over the information of every person who had every sold or purchased a script from his company.

Jagex canceled the accounts of something like 8 million players to return Runescape to being a “fair” game.   In Jagex’s language that means that people cannot use their “Status” in real life to have an advantage in the game.

So how is this working out?    After the initial shock, the place was flooded with people running scams of several flavors, all based on gambling with the central idea of seperating stupid (or very young) players from their gp.   Recently, Jagex itself introduced the “Sqeal of Fortune” which spins a wheel and gives you random prizes.  About 2 weeks ago, they started selling spins on the wheel for real money, essentially deciding if you can’t beat the gold sellers, compete with them.

The quote in the title was said to me by another player after I knew him for maybe an hour.   We were going through a building fighting monsters together when he blurted that out.    On the Internet, what people are in real life (including their sex) is only what you tell them, either directly or less reliably by inference.

The smart people have left Runescape for more fertile places.   People have ability to set a skin tone of their character, which may or may not have anything to do with their own ethnic identify – but generally a larger portion of the people left playing appear to be “urban” – portraying themselves as dark skinned, using coarse language and creating a very hostile game.   Pretty much any attempt at manners, proper social skills, respect for females, using your mind to advance instead of just “killing stuff as fast as possible”, and creating friendships is futile at this point.

Runescape has become Detroit.

Today, a new update was released that dramatically revamps one of the hardest skills (Runecrafting).   Two weeks ago, I started a free trial account to see just what the game is like for a new customer.   While I advance much faster because I already know the game and where everything is, etc…  after two weeks I’m probably about where I was after a year when I played the game back in 2006.   In about three hours today, I advanced the runecrafting skill 21 levels (out of 99), which under the old game rules would have taken months of tedious work.

Work has been replaced with building self-esteem.   Earning money has been replaced with government (aka Jagex) handouts of valueless money and teaching 13 year olds that the path to success is to gamble.   Intelligence and thoughtful decision making has been replaced with random violence against strangers in order to take their stuff away, especially if they are rich and/or fat.

In other words, America has come to Runescape.

The FCC vs the NAB

Monday, April 30th, 2012

The Revolution has started in full view, and will become obvious on May 1st, the traditional celebration of the Russian Communists held by the international labor unions.

Julius Genachowski is the head of the FCC.  He is a close friend of Barack Obama, having worked with him editing the Harvard Law Review.

The top 4 TV stations in the top 50 markets have been told they must put extensive information online on the web of who is buying political advertisements on their station.

The NAB essentially created the FCC in 1934 as the quasi governmental “Commission” empowered to protect the commercial radio interests from competition, especially non-commercial left wing political groups.

The NAB is not upset that it is becoming the middleman in publishing information about who is exercising their right to free speech, allowing OWS and union thugs to target them for retaliation. The NAB’s objection is the FCC is requiring the TV stations to publish the rates they charge for the ads.

You may wonder how the FCC was empowered to make rules regarding the content of TV web sites and creating rules about political advertising.  The answer is it was a provision in the 2002 Campaign Reform Act, aka McCain-Feingold.


Google Vs the FCC

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

This is gonna get ugly.

The FCC decided to “Fine” Google for not answering its questions about their WiFi “snooping” while taking pictures of our houses.

Google refused to answer the FCC’s questions.   The FCC has no legal authority in the matter.   The FCC regulates the transmission of radio signals, not the reception.   Google was recording non-encrypted publicly available radio signals.

The FCC is not technically even part of the Federal government – it is a “Commission” empowered by laws to handle communications issues free from the constraints of things like laws, replacing them with regulations – but it has no powers beyond those given to it by Congress via the 1934 act and subsequent amendments.

Google owns no radio stations, not TV stations, they don’t broadcast anything to anyone.   They’re not in the Telephone or Telegraph Business.

The problem the FCC has with its rules is it has no legal ability to enforce them.    They are not a police agency, they can’t subpoena people, they can’t hold trials.    The most they can do is impose a “voluntary contribution to the US Treasury” on someone who violates their rules.    If that “voluntary contribution” is not made, the FCC revokes your license.  But if you have no license (like a pirate radio station), they have nothing to revoke.   A few states have passed state laws that allow the FCC to ask the state to force collection of their “voluntary contribution”, but that’s the exception to the rule.

What Google does own is they have plans to go into the broadband Wifi business, initially out near their headquarters,  but possibly nationwide.   They also own the rights to the andrioid operating system.   While the FCC has something to say about the telephone part of a smart phone, they have no jurisdiction on the software running on the phone (yet).

So it’s showdown time, and Google is ready to fight.


Libya Progress Report

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Out of sight, out of mind

In preparation for upcoming elections, the NTC has banned meetings based on religion, ethnicity or tribal affiliations.

Isn’t it great to see the US Constitution and Democracy come to North Africa!  Our Leader Barack Obama certainly deserves that Nobel Peace Prize now!  Maybe another one just before this election.

There are no secrets left

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Those of you who know my real name may find it amusing to search for the article in the Statesville Record & Landmark from October 28, 1971 – complete with pictures.

It’s a paid site – you only get one page view for free.

My last name is very unusual making it easy to find stories about my family and the few of us that carry the name…..

A list of things you can find out about my family from this web site:

The company my grandfather worked for in Hamilton Ohio in 1918
The date of my grandmother’s death in 1962
The music played at my sister’s wedding
The name of the book my father wrote (apparently the Library of Congress put out a press releases that was picked up by AP in 1955 and appeared in papers around the country)
My father’s comments to the Statesville City Council
My parents involvement running the Senior Citizen’s group (1976ish)
My sister in law’s car crash in 1975
My distant relative in Minnesota who was a politician in Minnesota and Mayor of Moorhead.
My Aunt’s social activities in 1918 in Hamilton Ohio
The music my sister played at her Senior Recital in college
The death of my grandfather in 1953 (I was born in 1955)
My election as Student Government Treasurer
My brother’s story for a Virginia paper of his memories of the 1960 world series (something he hasn’t shared with me)
The phone number of our house in Statesville and address
The infant death in 1899 of  a sister to my father due to spinal meningitis (which I’m not sure I knew about)

I’m guessing you’ll find lots of things about you and your family that you thought were long buried in some roll of microfilm.

Diverse this!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

New York City is getting a major major change.   This is a news story I bet you won’t hear Al Sharpton leading riots over.

One of the largest “black radio” station owners (Inner City Broadcasting)  is in bankruptcy.   It was pushed over the edge by Ron Burkle, a close associate of Bill Clinton.

Prior posts on this:

So with the bankruptcy moving forward, Burkle has  taken control of the “urban” radio stations.  Mr Burkle is rich and white.

Today’s news is that one of the New York City urban stations is being switched to become ESPN FM in New York – a move probably suggesting station was worth 10x as much by not being a “blacks only” station.   The existing WPEN-AM will simulcast for now, but eventually become ESPN Deportes, the Spanish language version of ESPN.

If the Koch Brothers took over a “black radio” station in New York City, you know it would not be well received in Harlem.

It’s culture, not skin color

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

John Derbyshire’s story about going to an amusement park brought back memories of my visit in the 1980s to an amusement park called Boblo Island, a truly unique place.    It was located on an island out in the Detroit River,

The island is actually in Canada, but back “in the day” was a place where people could go in the summer  (Cedar Point down in Ohio has replaced it for that purpose).

I didn’t grow up in Michigan, don’t have a personal story about how Coleman Young put the word out to chase all non-black people out of Detroit following his election.  All of my contact with black people in my life was while living and working  in North Carolina.  Being a “low status” white teenager, I interacted freely with blacks and generally everyone accepted each other as equals.

So in 1982, I move to Michigan and start hearing all these stories about what happened (and was happening) in Detroit.  Being a skeptic, I wanted to see if it was just white racists ranting or whether it had a basis in fact.   I drove up and down the major thoroughfares on the city observing what types of businesses there were (very few – mostly liquor stores), what people were doing (blatant daytime prostitution and drug dealing right out in the open).    There were a few neighborhoods where I sensed I was being watched closely because of my skin color, and felt racial hostility for the first time in my life when I went into a McDonald’s and got a definite “You don’t seem to understand the rules” reception.

There were 3 ways to get to Boblo Island – there were short boat rides from Gibraltar Michigan and Amherstburg (from Canada) , but the main way was from large boats that ran from downtown Detroit to the island, carrying up to 2,500 passengers at a time.

The boat trip took about an hour, and you can imagine the arrival (and departure) of the large boats was a major event.  Because the island is in Canada and offered a way to cross the border, US and Canadian Customs had a presence to make sure people returned to the correct country.   (Nearby Gross Ile island is worthy of its own story at another time)

It was summer and I was still in exploring mode, so I decided to spend a weekend day at Boblo.   I parked at the parking deck at Joe Lewis arena and walked through the walkways to where the dock was – noting the groups of young black men loitering, “eyeballing” me as I went past.    I was as prepared as I could be or wanted to be – my wallet had maybe $20 and nothing but my ID.  I was wearing nothing that suggested I was a stupid white person carrying a $500 camera or a real Rolex watch.

After arriving at Boblo Island, I quickly became familiar with what I call the “Shield of Racial Immunity”.   The only white person who doesn’t understand the term is one who lives in a gated community and avoids all contact with black people.    It’s the understanding that “Civil Rights” really means that black people have the right to not be civil.     While white people stood politely in line, black teens blatantly jumped lines, knowing that it was their “right” to do so, and that no white person would be foolish enough to say “Hey you! – back to the end of the line”.

What this helped me understand was that when confronted with a city government that upheld the Shield of Racial Immunity, white people had little alternative but to flee the City of Detroit and move as far away as possible.    The last whites left (other than the city employees) were the seniors who were too old to move and were robbed with impunity by the punks or terrorized until they got the message and left for the surburbs or a graveyard.  Any idea that the Detroit Police were there to protect all people equally was long gone – if you were a landlord insisting that your black renters actually pay the rent each month, you were an especially big target.

If you read the Wikipedia article, it mentions a famous Supreme Court case that I either forgot about or never knew about.   In the 1940s, Boblo island had a “No Zoot Suiter” dress code policy as well as a “No coloreds allowed”.    The island is located in Canada and was privately owned, so they felt United States Courts had no jurisdiction on them (despite being a Michigan Corporation).   Michigan had passed criminal laws against racial discrimination and brought charges against the company.

The United States Congress has exclusive jurisdiction to regulate commerce between countries, but do States have the ability to pass laws regulating it? [remember this is 15 years before Congress was talking about federal laws and Detroit was mostly white).   Is a boat trip to Canada engaging in “Interstate Commerce” or International Commerce or neither?

The US Supreme Court essentially decided that even though Boblo Island is in Canada, it is defacto part of Detroit – so therefor the State of Michigan’s laws could be applied against Canada to protect a “special local interest” even though it clearly didn’t match the legal facts.    At the time, there apparently was no boat service from Canada to the island, so all the visitors were coming from Detroit only on the two boats.

If you take that case and map its facts against the idea that Arizona can’t pass a law that only restates existing federal law to enforce laws against illegal immigration, you see just how fluid the courts really are.

Back in the 1970s, I had visited the recently opened Carowinds amusement park, which straddles the North/South Carolina border (literally – there is a line painted down the middle) and there was no similar racial friction.

That difference is when it hit home to me that it’s the culture of the urban Northern parasitic black person raised on the Democratic party’s plantations that’s the problem, not skin color or genetics.    Most blacks not part of the ghetto culture are devoutly religious, politically more Conservative than most white people, and have been the people who came to my rescue a couple times when I needed help, when my fellow white citizens ignored that I was in difficulty and needed help.   Those stories about “Angels” showing up in the form of a black person are not (entirely) fiction.

Do we move toward further racial segregation and living in “gated” communities and maybe even a “race war” – or do all good people come to understand the Saul Alinsky strategy to destroy the United States that President Obama is following?

Can handing out enough ObamaBucks blind black people to how they are being set up to become slaves again, but to a different Master?   I don’t know.  I tend to doubt blacks can resist the temptation to give in to their own racial hatreds.

The epilogue to this story is that during the following years, more racial incidents happened on Boblo, white visitors mostly stopped coming.  The place eventually was taken over the Michigan AAA to try to find a way to keep it alive as a tourist destination.   The place closed in 1993 and was bulldozed and is now mostly vacant land, connected only to Canada via a ferry.

Burger King’s war on meat

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Burger King is now owned by a venture capital firm from Brazil.    About a month ago, they started making radical menu changes, a subject probably of little interest.

Today’s news – I thought I was hearing an Onion News spoof at first – is that Burger King is going to only use “Free Range” chickens and eggs, and pork that is raised more humanely.,0,4776114.story

This appears to be in part due to the effort of the Humane Society of the United States.   Just yesterday while testing, I was hearing a local show talking about the fraud called the HSUS – it’s a political lobbying group that has nothing to do with making sure Fido is treated well in the local pet shelter.   HSUS deliberately chose the name to create that confusion of what their political agenda is.

What “Free Range” means….   most chickens today are raised in cages.    What happens to a baby chicken depends on its sex.   After being hatched, most of the male chickens are immediately killed.   A male chicken may be castrated and turned into a “Capon”, which causes it to grow up big, fat and juicy rather than thin and stringy and tough from running after the hens, but capons are a somewhat unusual food item.

The females (Pullets) head one of two paths (based on the genetics of the chicken) – to become a “broiler” (American term) which means in 7 or 8 weeks, they are slaughtered and show up at KFC.

The other path are hen layers – a hen has an exact number of eggs it can possibly lay in its lifetime.   The hens won’t start laying for 4-6 months.  Under ideal conditions, they’ll lay one egg a day.   Once they have laid those eggs, there is no point to continuing to feed the hen – but at a year and half of age, it is too tough to use as fried chicken – it is sold as a baking hen (not to be confused with a Roaster, which is a just a young hen allowed to grow a bit larger, but slaughtered before it starts laying eggs).

You probably have heard the term “Pecking Order”.   That’s not an abstract term – if you allow hens to roam freely “true free range”, the hens spend the day pecking each other, setting up a chain of dominance of which hen is the most important hen.   When hens peck at each other, they get open wounds that can become infected.     Generally, the sharp part of the beaks are cut off to prevent the pecking.

In “Farm Production”, hens are kept in cages away from each other.   There is no pecking order as the only contact hens have with each other is through the holes in the cage next to them.   Eggs are gathered from the cages and the hens are basically eating machines until their egg count hits its maximum or they otherwise become unproductive.

A small portion of the hen population are those used to lay eggs not for food, but to lay fertile eggs.     In “Farm Production”, this is not random.   Over generations, chickens have been measured to see which ones produced the best meat for the lowest amount of feed or the most eggs the fastest.   Only those genetics are passed on.   It’s Social Darwinism with humans controlling the process.

The further away we get away from understanding the reality of what food is and how it is raised, the more people will be ruled by their emotions and pursue silly ideas like that hens pecking each other and killing the weak chickens and spreading infections to each other is more “humane” than living in a cage.

John Derbyshire – first casualty

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

I’ve written in the past that I enjoyed listening to John Derbyshire’s podcast on Stitcher.   John is an immigrant from  the United Kingdom married to a bride from China (Leykis listener?).

Up until a couple weeks ago, he worked for National Review, the publication associated with the late William F Buckley.  His podcasts were unusually refreshing and blunt.  With the escalation of violence directed at whites and the American “culture’s” deliberatly inaccurate portrayal of black crime, John issued a warning that if your skin is white and you think being in the middle of large groups of black youth is safe, you’re in for a rude awakening.   He laid out real statistics about who initiates interracial violence.

That’s it.  His warning drew a reaction and National Review ended their relationship with him.

America can’t handle the truth.

I have totally disconnected from the 2012 race.   Today was primary day in Connecticut which I didn’t care about.  I refuse to participate in the pretense that voting matters.  The delay in learning about this reflects that I stopped listening.  I heard a passing reference to the John Derbyshire “thing” while testing stations and just got curious when I noticed his podcast was gone.

Fox News / 2012 Election

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

The Top of the Hour radio news just proved again to me that if you’re looking for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp to lead a Tea Party Revolution, your aspirations are in the wrong place.

The first item on the broadcast was about Social Security going broke.  Tim Geithner testified today (apparently) that in one year, the date that Social Security checks will bounce moved forward by 3 years.   Note this is not when the fund is insolvent (meaning actuarially it won’t be able to pay its promises) – it’s the date there won’t even be any IOUs left in the Social Security Lock Box.

So what happened in the last year that caused such an “unexpected” change in the solvency?   Fox mentioned a few (probably right from the White House press release) – that people are living longer, that the give me an unemployment check for 99 weeks while I sit at home and smoke dope  people don’t pay into Social Security, and those people who are working are working less.   All true.

But the important thing is that within recent menory (but beyond the attention span of a knat), President Obama demanded (and got) the Republicans to extend the “temporary” reduction in the Social Security tax rate (FICA), hitting them over the head with the idea if it wasn’t extended, then Republicans were raising taxes on the middle class  [what goes around, comes around].   With much less money going into the “Trust Fund” for 2012, you cause the “we’re broke” date to move forward by three years.    Not a peep from Fox pointing that out – that would not be “fair and balanced”, but political.

 Now that the Washington Times and Fox News have selected Mitt Romney for the Republicans, the stage is set for the final victory of the Globalists.