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Sex Selection abortions

This issue is one of the really obvious ones in my matrix of Liberal vs Liberal groups which have an inherent contradiction and therefore can be attacked with the old Marxist dialectic. Pro-abortion advocates believe the “Right to Abortion” is … Continue reading

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Can/Will Detroit elect a “White” mayor?

I really wish I knew where Ken Hamblin went and why… “Everyone” in Detroit knows the truth, but nobody will come right out and say it. The City of Detroit will never recover until it is no longer a “Black … Continue reading

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The “Random” gun violence in Seattle A country full of angry young men without wives and children and no job and no purpose in life is a powder keg waiting to explode. Ian Lee Stawicki was not likely a Glenn Beck listener and NRA member … Continue reading

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Univision America

On July 4th, Spanish radio broadcaster Univision [history of Univision here] will be launching a nationwide talk format, mostly to be carried on its AM radio stations.   This means of course that these AM radio stations will be fully functional during … Continue reading

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Detroit: City of Hope and Change

Forbes is reporting that a group of private entities are talking about putting up the money to build a 3.4 mile long streetcar system running up Woodward Avenue.   The city and state can’t justify the money necessary to get the … Continue reading

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Burned by media editing again

“In addition to the age of the president and the citizenship of the president and the birthplace of the president being set by the Constitution, I’d like it also to say that the president has to spend at least three … Continue reading

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Who is Grady Yarbrough?

He is the runner up in the Democratic primary in Texas for US Senate.  Like Alvin Greene in South Carolina two years ago, he is a complete unknown that was on nobody’s radar.  He spent no money on media and … Continue reading

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Romney: We need to arm the Syrian resistance So now what does the Nobel Peace Prize Winning President of the United States do – John McCain demands war!   John McCain believes strongly in the US Constitution, especially the part about our responsibility to intervene in the internal … Continue reading

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Bruce Williams: Only Made in America

PR NewsWire Story So Bruce Williams has returned to broadcasting, but not on radio – as I reported earlier.   He’s doing an hour a day internet only show formatted as a podcast. So today, someone paid PR NewsWire to create … Continue reading

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It’s primary day in Texas

Expect the National Media like Fox News to blather on and on about how Texas concludes the nominating process for Mitt Romney, but completely ignore the much more nationally significant race for US Senator. Kay Bailey Hutchison is retiring, making … Continue reading

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