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Triton Digital snares Salem Radio streaming

Triton Media is the folks owned by Oaktree Capital – the Private Equity folks with their hands in a lot radio.   Triton Digital is the part that runs StreamTheWorld and Ando Media – providing a complete end-to-end solution for … Continue reading

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Fresh Blood for Talk radio part II

This is not national syndication (yet), but if Phil Boyce is as smart as I think he is…. Salem Radio is putting together three different hosts for the morning show that will air on KRLA and KTIE in Los Angeles.  … Continue reading

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Fresh Blood for Talk Radio

With Neal Boortz announcing he is retiring in January and several other hosts at or approaching retirement age, that means you should expect to start hearing some new younger voices soon. One of them is going to start next week … Continue reading

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The Goose Liver war

The Civil War didn’t really take off until South Carolina exerted force to get the Federal Government to vacate Fort Sumter, which South Carolina considered to no longer be part of the United States. This story is throwing a really … Continue reading

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Open Thread

So in my absence, maybe you die hard fans can entertain yourselves. Just avoid saying things that will get me sued like accusing people of committing crimes when a jury hasn’t already said so 🙂 Don’t be bashful.   I know … Continue reading

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Andy Griffith’s North Carolina in 2012

Andy Griffith’s TV show in the 1960s was set in a town named Mayberry, which was a wide spot on the highway with a filling station and a small downtown with Floyd’s Barber Shop, Emmett’s Fixit shop and Howard Sprague … Continue reading

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Non-Local Local Radio

This YouTube video is instructive if you want to understand where “Local” music radio is headed. StorQ is the product being promoted by Dial Global – ChristianFM just happens to be one of the companies using the product – Jack … Continue reading

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Roll call!

So who actually bookmarked the blog and is still reading this? 🙂

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One of the guiding principles of FCC regulation of radio is that the public has a right to know who owns and operates a radio station and a physical location a person can visit in order to communicate with the … Continue reading

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What the Conservative Movement lacks

While testing a broken station of the Progressive persuasion, I was thrown a prestream ad from this group: This happens to be a group in Arizona.   It takes about 10 seconds to find their mission statement: “First Things First … Continue reading

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