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Warning Warning!

This really angers me perhaps because I heard “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” story as a child. The Title  “Tornado warning in effect until 9 p.m. Friday” The First paragraph  “A tornado watch is in effect for Rhode Island … Continue reading

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Cumulus Revenue down 3%

You see a train wreck about to happen and know you can’t do a thing to stop it. The Cumulus strategy has been to turn their news/talk stations into cookie cutter stations carrying almost nothing but Cumulus Media syndicated shows … Continue reading

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Planned Outage – week of August 20th

This message serves little or no purpose – because the people who will pelt me with “Why has your site been down for 3 days!!!????” are the ones who never read the blog, and they can’t read the blog when … Continue reading

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Marvin Hamlisch has died

That has nothing to do with radio, just another bookmark on the calendar of passing time of people our age. I really enjoyed Hamlisch – his music was never “cookie cutter” stuff – each song was able to find new ways … Continue reading

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I’m debt free! ™ – 24/7

This morning’s Tom Taylor newsletter brings the news that for those of you fans of iHeartradio – you can now hear Dave Ramsey’s show 24 hours a day.

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Fedora 16 upgrade

Last time I tried this, the results were less than pleasant, almost ending SRGuide. Well, F15 (what I’ve been running on) is now obsolete and F16 is on borrowed time.     So if the upgrade doesn’t work, It’s been nice knowing … Continue reading

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Would Thomas Jefferson have used tax money to go to Mars?

If all goes as intended, this evening the US Government will have a new highly advanced Rover sitting on the surface of the planet of Mars.   The price tag of this mission is $2.5 (B)illion dollars.   The people working on … Continue reading

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“You didn’t build it”, but neither did you.

Back on July 4th, I posted some thoughts about how much work it took by our society that I was able to eat a meal at Penn Station in New York City – how the water was being carried by … Continue reading

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