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If you doubted that AM radio is dying…

Radio Free Europe is shutting down its Medium Wave (AM) service targeting Moscow. Europe has been a couple years ahead of US in pulling the plug on AM radio stations.

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What’s up for New York?

The purchase of WOR-AM by Clear Channel is still pending. I vaguely remember reading that Clear Channel might start its operations under a lease (called an LMA) October 1st. I just read the LMA at the FCC and it says … Continue reading

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Streaming Listening by 3 hour block (ET)

There graphs are updated daily. You may want to bookmark the page 🙂 Note that the Mid-6AM graph is Monday-Friday (like for RedEye Radio), not Tues-Saturday for Coast to Coast…

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Big Changes in Atlanta on Monday

Neal Boortz is losing the final bonus hour of his show to make room for Rush Limbaugh on WSB AM/FM.  Boortz is retiring in January and has strongly hinted on air that he wishes Cox would let him retire now … Continue reading

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WLS’s Don Wade had brain surgery Thursday

Oddly, I haven’t turned on WLS since I moved back to Chicago.   I enjoy Don Wade and Roma.  Don had a seizure about a week ago.  Doctors found a brain tumor.  Don Wade is 71.‘overwhelming’ I miss Tom … Continue reading

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Michael Savage has left TRN Maybe two weeks ago, I predicted with TRN losing a big chunk of revenue with Cumulus Radio dropping most of their TRN programs, TRN might be very receptive now to ending their contract.  Reverend Moon dying may also dry … Continue reading

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Rome going to CBS

The rumo[u]r is officially true – sports radio broadcaster Jim Rome is headed to the new CBS Sports Radio network.   He currently works for Premiere, owned by Clear Channel. CBS still knows how to make money in radio, in … Continue reading

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Annie Dookhan: “I messed up bad”

Over the past 9 years, Annie Dookhan has done tests for 31,000 criminal cases, which is an astounding quantity of work.   That would be about 10 tests a day, not counting the time appearing in court to testify if … Continue reading

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Armstrong & Getty on unplanned vacation If you don’t know who they are, they’re two popular hosts in California, currently heard on three stations. They showed up “on vacation” today.  They did a bit yesterday encouraging listeners to create commercials featuring the Religion of Peace. … Continue reading

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The Chicago Way

Let’s say you have a house in Chicago and you want to have a driveway (or why anyone with sense has moved to Texas) Fill out application Pay $10 Get $250,000 liability insurance policy naming the city as coinsured … Continue reading

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