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We need a good controversy to distract Fox News

Monica Lewinsky’s abortion? Drudge either missed it or is setting up round 2,  The story about 39 year old Monica Lewinsky’s “tell all” book about Bill Clinton has in the image of the National Enquirer front page a sub … Continue reading

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G. Gordon Liddy – “I’m Finished” This update on G Gordon Liddy’s retirement adds in a couple interesting details.   Liddy’s first day on the air was as a substitute using a studio at WABC (they rent them out and the story doesn’t mention the … Continue reading

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Shooting for 50.1%

Make your plans now. Mr Romney announced he will be happy if he gets 50.1% of the vote. The important race is the Senate – if Mr Romney doesn’t inspire a drastic shift in the US Senate, he will not … Continue reading

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Bonds Away! World War III will likely be fought by computers and financial markets, not tanks and aircraft carriers.   Pay attention to this story as it suggests what might happen to us in the future. First the combatants – Japan … Continue reading

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President Obama to file trade complaint against China

While Japan and China are skirmishing over some unoccupied islands, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama decides that he needs to stir up tensions with China, claiming that the government of China is supporting the production of cars and car … Continue reading

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Overheard in Chicago

A few days ago, I made my first venture deep into Chicago, traveling down Grand Avenue in the general area of the original Walmart that opened in 2006 that set off the Chicago war against Walmart. Driving in the daylight … Continue reading

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The Decline of Jesus Christ

From 9AM to Noon (ET) on Sundays, Premiere Radio has been syndicating a peculiar show for probably 5 years.  The host of  The Jesus Christ Show is a Catholic priest who spends three hours talking to callers as if he … Continue reading

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Back to (almost) normal

After being threatened with excommunication, the eMachine sprang to life with a little prodding.   Everything is as it was before, except FCC data hasn’t been updated in 3 weeks. Fixing that will take a reboot and a bit of … Continue reading

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RadioLoyalty Acquired

Until recently, Cumulus was using radioloyalty, but they migrated their streams to iHeartRadio

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Apple Radio

Jusr what the radio business didn’t need to hear. Apple had the clout to force the record labels to sell songs instead of albums. Apple announced today it is talks with the record companies to start a competitor to Pandora. … Continue reading

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